Sunday May 16, 2021
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Passport checking (Flu vaccinations)

An annual booster is required for all Pony Club events.

For Areas and Championships, the latest vaccination must have been given within 6 months of the competition.

Any information required to be sent to Jane Ogle – please with Passport Check in the subject line

PASSPORT CHECKING: the attachment below includes all the passports that  been checked up to 7.5.21 – for those that have the Primary correct (Y) and a last vaccination date – I just need the page (scanned and emailed – preferably not photographed unless not too dark!) which has the latest vaccination date(s) since the last date on the list, so I can then update the list. Please send with rider and horse’s name and Branch.

For those horses that I need to see the date of the third injection in their primary course – I need to see all the dates for the primary course  and then any subsequent dates. Please send with rider and horse’s name and Branch/Centre.

If your horse is not on the list I need the following please – name of rider and Branch/Centre, title page of passport showing name of horse, then all the flu vaccination dates including the primary course and all subsequent dates so that I can ensure that the record is correct – when I have those details and checked they are correct, the details will be added to the list. (If not correct I will let you know asap so that the vaccinations may be re-started – you will be allowed to compete having only had the first two injections of the primary course as long as the latest injection is not less that 7 days before the show i.e. there must be six clear days between the last injection and competition day)

The whole point of this is to quicken passport checks at all shows/events held in Area 9 by a Pony Club Branch/Centre, including the Area competitions, so if you are on the list of  previously checked passports  your entry to the venue will be smoother.

Please check well before any competition what the show/venue policy is.  

Please remember the horse’s passport must travel with him/her at all times – you are risking a £5000 fine if you do not and I believe that if you are stopped and you do not have it with you, you only have two hours in which to present the document at a police station.

Update list as of 7.5.21: 

Branches: Passport Checker – Branches (2)

Centres: Centre Passports (1)

The list is now an excel sheet, with a page for each Branch; please check the information and if incorrect, then email Jane Ogle (

If you would like to check the dates for a primary course yourself, then go onto the British Riding Clubs website, click on Downloads and open the Flu Checker 2021. I will still need to see  the passport before adding to the list.

If you no longer rider the horse/pony please let me know, so that I can delete from the list.