Monday September 27, 2021
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Online Interactive Training Sessions

Setting up

·       Communication to all under 18s must be via a parent/carer or have a parent/carer copied in. WhatsApp is not to be used for under 16s. 

·       Use a closed forum, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams so only invited participants can join.

·       Parent/carer needs to sign consent form (sent out by Eileen last week).

·       Revisit/introduce Pony Club’s code of conducts to coaches, members, volunteers and parents. Available here:

Remember- B test training and higher needs to be approved by Pleasance to ensure standard. Please contact Pleasance to discuss. 


During the session

·       Use a coach who is accredited and is on Unity.

·       Have a second adult (with DBS check and PC safeguarding certificate) present throughout the training session. They should not interact in the meeting. Their role is to make sure that all is correct throughout the meeting, to be in control and to host the session. They can have microphone muted and camera switched off if preferred.

·       It may be helpful for the group to all agree on ground rules in the first session, for example- to allow others to talk, to keep to topic etc. If the group put this together themselves they are more likely to adhere to this. 

Online Training Session

(where a coach may live stream or add a film to a public forum for children to view)

·       As above for communication with under 18s.

·       As above for code of conducts.

·       Use a coach who is accredited and is on Unity.

·       Ask children not to use their full name as their ID when viewing.