Sunday September 24, 2023
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Vaccination Information 2023

The Pony Club Equine Influenza VACCINATION RULE 2023

To protect the health of all horses and ponies and the biosecurity of the venue, the following rules will apply to all Pony Club activities. Events that are held at some venues may be subject to additional rules. e.g. any horse /pony entering a licensed racecourse property must comply with the vaccination requirements as set by the British Horseracing Authority.

1. Passports A valid passport and vaccination record:

• must accompany the horse / pony to all events

• must be available for inspection by the event officials

• must be produced on request at any other time during the event

2. No horse / pony may should attend an activity, compete or be present at the event as a companion unless it has a Record of Vaccination against equine influenza completed by the veterinary surgeon who gave the vaccination, signed and stamped line by line, which complies with the Minimum Vaccination Requirements set out in the Equine Influenza Vaccination Schedule below:

3. Equine Influenza Vaccination Schedule: • An initial primary course of two vaccinations must be given: the second vaccination must be administered within 21-92 days of the first vaccination.

• Horses may attend events 7 days after receiving the second vaccination of the primary course. (for clarity: no horse or pony may compete on the same day as a relevant injection is given or on any of the 6 days following such an injection)

• The first booster must be administered within 7 calendar months following the date of the administration of the second vaccination of the primary course.

• Booster vaccinations must be administered at a maximum of 12 months intervals.

Please note, as a result of vaccine shortage in 2022, and in line with other BEF Member bodies, the requirement for boosters to be within 6 months +21 days of Area level and above competitions has been suspended for 2023.

For the period 1st October 2022 to 31st December 2022, lower risk equines may, with veterinary advice and approval, extend the annual booster period to 15 months if there was a genuine veterinary shortage of vaccine. The subsequent booster should be made within 9 months, resulting in 2 booster vaccinations in 2 years and making the 2023 vaccine booster date no more than 24 months from the 2021 due date. Vaccination records which have this extension clearly approved and annotated by the vet will be accepted at Pony Club and BHS Riding Club events, but other venues and competitive bodies may insist on a 12month interval and hence if a booster is missed a restart may be necessary.