Sunday February 23, 2020
Eventing & Hunter Trials

An Introduction to Eventing

New to Eventing or want to know more about it and the various levels? Read our introduction to Eventing by our Eventing Team Manager Adrienne Beeston.

I thought I would explain for new Atherstone members the various standards of Pony Club Eventing. Many branches run two O.D.E’s in the season (others don’t run any!). They are usually divided into Junior/Minis and Novice, Intermediate and Open. Each Branch has different schedules and there are no rules on the height of the fences for the Junior/Minis but as a rough guide they are approx 0.6m for Level 1 and 0.75m for Level 2.

Some Junior schedules limit the age of the competitors to 12 yrs and under, others have classes for Novices of any age, so my advice is to check the height of the fences in the schedules and compete at the height suitable for you and your pony/horse’s ability. A typical Junior schedule have classes for 8yrs, 10yrs and 12 yrs and under and Novices of any age.

For Novices, level 3 fences are 0.9m. For Intermediates, Level 4 fences are 1.0m. For Open, Level 5 fences are 1.10m.

In Eventing the Dressage Test must be ridden from memory (except at Level 1 when the test can be commanded). This is followed by a Show Jumping round with the XC phase last.

Members who are jumping consistently well in O.D.E’s up to Level 3 (Novice) can aim to be included in the Rosebowl teams at the Area; this competition is a qualifier for the finals of the National Novice Challenge in Cheshire. Likewise, members jumping well at Level 4 (Intermediate) and Level 5 (Open) will hopefully be included in the Area teams which are qualifiers for the Pony Club Championships in late August (the highlight of the Pony Club year which features the finals of the Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Polocrosse, Mounted Games and Dressage to Music.


Event training rallies takes place throughout the year and focuses on all three phases; dressage, show jumping and cross country.  If you are interested in competing in teams for Branch and/or the Area competition, it is essential that you attend some of our event training rallies so that we can help you train to compete at a level suitable for you.

For more information please contact:

Adrienne Beeston
Eventing Team Manager
Tel. 01530 261218