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District Commissioner: (Joint)

Katherine McNamara:  07810 775344     

Hayley Cole:  07899 033133

Membership Secretary:

Mrs Sarah Bentley, 16 Shelburne Way, Derry Hill, Calne, SN11 9PA    Tel: 01249 816099 / 07770 876284  Email;       


New Autumn Programme launched: 

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To celebrate the 90th year of the Pony Club


Who is Crafty?

I am a gorgeous limited edition bay Crafty Pony Club Pony and am 2 hands high (measured from the withers obviously). I have a PC90 freeze mark and come with a full set of travelling rugs and bandages in purple, a smart headcollar and rope in Pony Club colours. I am ready to ride with my own brown leather saddle tack. I have a snaffle bridle and GP saddle with D rings, buckle guards and 3 girth straps which are all unique to the Pony Club pony PLUS a bonus accessories pack with neck strap, crupper and a special white numnah with the Pony Club 90th logo on it. I am very cuddly and love to be played with by all ages! Normal selling price £90

Booklets with guidance and advice about how to look after, tack up and bandage your Crafty Pony Club Pony are all included and are based on the Manual of Horsemanship.

We have a Crafty  Pony to be raffled with tickets available over the next few weeks at £2 each. Why not support your branch and buy a strip of tickets for only £10! There will be grand draw in the autumn All proceeds will go to AVHPC funds

This raffle will be launched on Tuesday 30 July at Mini Camp where a Crafty Pony will be available to be seen.


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