Tuesday September 26, 2023
For National Pony Club updates and information please go to pcuk.org

Please find below details of the Avon Vale Pony Club Committee


District Commissioners: TBC Email: dc.avonvale@pcuk.org   
Branch Secretary: Laura Emerson. Email: avonvale@pcuk.org

Treasurer: Lottie Gill. Email: treasurer.avonvale@pcuk.org   

Primary Rally Co-ordinator: Abby List-Rose. Email: abbylistrose@yahoo.com

Marketing/Sponsorship: Vacant – Please get in touch if you are interested

PC Tests: Jo Beck. Email: beckjophine@gmail.com

Senior Rallies: Jennie Scriven. Email: jengriff25@hotmail.co.uk

Junior Rallies: Annica Bowen. Email: annica@hotmail.co.uk

Mini Rallies: Abi Tanner. Email: abitanner21@yahoo.co.uk

Health and Safety: Chantelle and Nick Bucknell. Email: tillybucknell@gmail.com

Child Protection/Safeguarding: Becky Rumens. Email: rumenthatching@btinternet.com

Chief Instructor:   Nikki Clarke. Email: nikkiclarke.equestrian@gmail.com

Tetrathlon Co-ordinator: Charlotte Tucker. Email: charlotte.tucker@hotmail.co.uk