Thursday October 6, 2022
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For members looking to take their C test and above we are in the process of organising you some further stable management training sessions over the coming months to ensure you are full prepared for a test date.
Kind regards, Jo
07779 897685
Test Costs

D/D+ Test – £10

C Test – £25

C+ Test – £25

Training Costs

Stable Management (unmounted) – £10

Ridden Training – 1hr = £15, 2hrs = £20


Please contact us if you want to take D, D+, C, C+, B or B+ tests.


All members are encouraged to take tests at the appropriate age and ability; your instructor will be able to advise you if you are unsure whether you are ready. Anyone wishing to take a  test, please contact Jo.

There is lots of information about Efficiency Tests on the main PC website.

Felts: Felts are worn under your Pony Club badge. Only wear the one for the latest test passed. The Test Card tells you what you need to know for that particular test. If you have not got a Test Card ask Jo Beck or you can download one off the main PC website. You have to start with D test, however old you are!


Please note: You cannot do:

D without passing your Mini Road Rider Achievement Badge

D+ and C test without passing your Road Rider Achievement Badge

C+ and B test without passing your Road Rider Badge or BHS Road Rider


Pony Club Tests

E Test: Pale yellow felt. This is a very basic test for younger members and is taken at Camp.

D Test: yellow felt – is taken at summer camps for members who are 8 or over. This is done with an examiner under test conditions.

D+ Test: white felt – is taken from 10 years old.

C Test: green felt – is taken from 11 years old and has two examiners, one for riding and one for stable management, on set Test Days.

C+ Test: pink felt – is taken by two examiners, one for riding and one for Stable Management on set Test Days. You must be at least 13 years old.

You cannot be awarded any certificate and felt unless you have passed the appropriate Road Rider test….see above & main PC website for details.

B & B+ Test and AH Tests: are organised by Area 14 and is in two sections, Riding and Care. Age from 15 years. There will be Area Training days in the Spring for both these tests, if you are interested please contact Jo Beck. Information can be found on the Area 14 website, go to Find a Branch on The Pony Club website, click on where we are on the map, all the PC branches in Area 14 come up in the top right box, click on Area 14 website at top of box.


ROAD RIDER TEST:  Contact for the next course TBC.  For 12 years and above; consisting of

  1. Classroom Session (no horses) 2. Mounted Instruction

BHS Road Rider details can be found on main BHS website.