Monday September 27, 2021
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Recent events

Bicton lessons continue…

We are continuing with the Bicton lessons through the winter, two a month where possible. Also one a month at Janes and one a month at Lovehayne. Try to support these lessons as much as possible to keep them running. Emma and Danielle will take most of these.

October Half Term

Lots of fun activities during half term including a SJ clinic with Danielle and an Autumn ride with hot chocolate and cake. The weather was on our side.

River Ride

We had a lovely time swimming in the river near Axminster, well done Bec for turning blue for all of us! Some of the ponies had a really good swim, a great experience for all the children! 

Camp 2018

We had a brilliant camp at Chard, our first time there and it was fantastic! Lovely stables for our pony’s and horse’s, a comfy, dry bed for the children and adult helpers (bliss after so many years of camping), amazing food lovingly prepared by the lovely kitchen staff at Chard (particular thanks to Emma, she took such good care of us) and amazing facilities and instructors, we can’t wait to go again next year.

Easter Egg Ride

A lovely ride across Lambert’s Castle and only two unplanned dismounts! Thank you for joining us and welcome to Holly and Sophie our new members.


SJ Rally at Chard

A brilliant rally held at Chard with Danielle. Two groups were put through their paces. Well done to all that attended.


Dog Show

This years dog show was a great success, lots of pooches turned up to show off their waggy tails, pretty eyes and best tricks! Well done to everyone who helped. More valuable funds raised towards events for our members.


Lessons at Bicton

We have one lesson booked per month over the winter months. We appreciate it’s dark and sometimes miserable but the lessons are held indoors and are a great opportunity to keep up with your training during the winter months. Look out for the emails. The first one was held in October and the even with howling winds and rain we had 2 good groups! Well done all. Try and support these lessons as much as possible wo we can keep them running.


Bronze, Silver and Gold Progressive tests

We have kicked off our training for the progressive tests. This involves riding and stable management. We held the first stable management session in October. Lots of you came and hopefully learnt something new. The progressive tests contribute towards you achieving your standard PC tests (E, D D+. C, C+, B) so it all helps! Look out for the next one.



X Country Rally at Higher Brucklands

We had a really good day jumping the fences from the Jump X event. Lots of the children were really brave and jumped some sizeable fences. Well done all!



The younger ones had a great time at the Gymkhana Rally…by the end they had all gained such a lot of confidence through playing and messing around. It also helps instil good balance. Well done all!




The weekly lessons are well under way, it’s great to see so many wanting to attend, these lessons are a great way to get the chidren together and progress their riding.



We had a fantastic day at Centyfield covering all 3 disciplines. The children were really put through their paces, jumping without stirrups, then without reins and finally a brave few without saddles – well done all!! The smiles were clear to see. Thank you to Sarah, Barry and Sue for their hospitality, we can’t wait to go back in September!



We had a lovely ride from Higher Brucklands, it was a nice steady pace allowing the little members to enjoy this event. The parent sthen had a peaceful half an hour while they hunted high and low in hedgerows for the eggs!



We had beautiful weather for this event, Emma ran two lessons over the jumps at Poltimore, thank you Emma, it was great!



This was a fantastic event, we didn’t think the weather was going to be on our side but the rain held off while 60+ riders went around the lovely route Lara had planned. Well done Lara and all the helpers, a great effort raising valuable funds for our members!

fun ride



A brilliant effort from team Axe Vale, you were all super! Such an achievement in a very different and testing environment. You should all be very proud of yourselves – well done!

pc 2

Team Pony and Team Dog!


Photo shoot with Superman!





Wow weeeeee what a great day for the Axe Vale. Well done to all those who took part in Sunday’s team event! You all looked beautifully turned out! Thank you to the children, parents and organisers, you have all done us proud!

Below lists some of the results…..

Class 1: 47 competitors and 10 teams

2nd place – Maddie, Jasmine & Izzie

5th place – Tula, Freya, Lola & Izzie

Individual Placings

4th place – Juliette

6th place – Jasmine

Class 2: 68 competitors 15 teams

4th place – Charlotte Hosking (individual)

5th place – Maddie, Charlotte, Juliette & Iris

Class 3: 65 Competitors (individual)

4th place – Charlotte Hosking

Class 4: 38 Competitors

Charlotte joined and mixed team and they came 3rd




Another great jumping rally held at the Reynold’s farm, thank you for hosting this event. The sun shone and the ground was soft…good job eh Georgia Searle 😉 the ponies were so well behaved and some what fruity after their gallop training on Monday, although Freya did give us a wonderful bronc display, I think Reese is feeling well! Well done all and thank you to our instructors Jane and Emma.



We were extremely privileged to be offered the opportunity to learn all about gallop training with Polly Gundry. Polly took 3 groups around the gallops and taught the children about safety in this environment and posture for being balanced at speed. It was the wettest of all days but it was a great day. Thank you to Polly and thanks you Karen for securing this opportunity! It was fantastic….Dusty is off to fulfill his career as a racehorse after his gallop experience!




The dog show was a great success! Thank you to all that helped and took part. The sun shone and lots of people came. We raised some valuable funds for the Axe Vale, so thank you all!



The table top sale was a great success, we raised valuable funds for the Axe Vale, every little helps! Thank you to everyone who helped and attended.



Sadly this wasn’t well attended, which is a shame, it’s important that the children attend this informative sessions as well as the more exciting mounted events. Learning how to feed and care for your pony or horse nutritionally is so important for keeping them healthy and ready for action!



We were fortunate enough to get another chance to use the X country fences from the jump X event. It was a great rally where the children were able to experience and learn about the toughest of the disciplines. They galloped through fields and jumped all sorts of different fences in the forward position. The children (and ponies) coped really well with the exciting environment and were all in control!



The jump cross event was really well supported by the PC members. It didn’t rain and I don’t think anyone fell off??!! Oh hang on, Nicola did have a tumble on Victor but prior to that sat several bucks with style and precision! Well done to all the participants, I was particularly pleased for Claudia who did the course a number of times with confidence! Our lovely Harley did a small display on her back legs but other than that it went without a hitch! Please check out the ‘Event results’ page for detail on the rosettes. I was so distracted I didn’t take any pictures, if anyone has any please send them onto me to add to the website gallery.



We have held some brilliant rally’s over the last few weeks which have been really well attended! Rally’s are a great opportunity to learn in a relaxed environment. It also aids the children’s horses and ponies to get used to the ‘open field’ situation. Something some riders don’t get to do often and find their horses are over excitable. Please refer to the ‘Forthcoming events’ section for future rally’s.



The sun shone for our river ride this year, although Karen wouldn’t know it as she was a distinct shade of blue! Thank you to all that took part….


DSCF2352 DSCF2366 DSCF2381 DSCF2394 DSCF2398 DSCF2403 DSCF2407 DSCF2410

pc 2

CAMP 2016!

Another brilliant Axe Vale summer camp comes to a close! Having been able to participate throughout the week as photographer I was witness to huge leaps in progress from all the children. They are so lucky to have access to brilliant instructors and a dedicated committee. Here are some of my favourite bits for you to enjoy…..


DSC_0066 DSC_0027 DSC_0402 DSC_0382 DSC_0345 DSC_0260 DSC_0232 DSC_0211 DSC_0210 DSC_0114 DSC_0275 DSC_0261 DSC_0213 DSC_0055 DSC_0321 - Copy (2) DSC_0320 - Copy (3) DSC_0291 DSC_0265 DSC_0260 DSC_0246 DSC_0238 DSC_0185