Saturday August 13, 2022
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Riding and Road Safety
Riding and Road Safety Training – Info for anyone taking either the D/D+/C/C+ OR B test this year!
You MUST have achieved the corresponding Road Rider badge/test BEFORE you take your next efficiency test.
For those members taking their D test you MUST have attained the The Pony Club Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge before the test day.
Members taking the C test must have attained The Pony Club Road Rider achievement badge,  or the British Horse Society Ride Safe  test.
The British Horse Society Riding and Road Safety (Now called ‘Ride Safe’)
We are running both a training course and a test day for anyone wanting to take the BHS Ride Safe assessment. The ‘Ride Safe’ assessment has replaced the old Riding and Road Safety test.
Candidates do not have to be BHS members to take the BHS Ride Safe test. The new Ride Safe test is now available to all riders from 11 years of age.
Being a holder of the BHS Ride Safe means that for any Pony Club member thinking of taking their C test and above, they are exempt from having to sit the Pony Club Road Rider Achievement Badge.
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The assessment will take place at a separate (local) venue, where candidates are welcome to use either their own horses (if deemed suitable by the trainers), or the centre’s horses.
A separate assessment fee must also be paid to the BHS. Please do not make payment to the BHS until we have given you the information on when the test date etc is.  
For information on Riding & Road Safety please contact any of the committee members