Sunday October 21, 2018
Dengie Winter League Dressage Championships 2016

Novice, Poppy Richardson & Essenar Maltazer

When we arrived at Addington I was very excited. We got Tazer ready & went down to the warm up, that was when the nerves started to kick in but Tazer was very chilled and not at all phased by the occasion. Then it was time to do our test, as soon as we went down the centre line we got into our usual rhythm. It all went well but I was not very confident as the competition was extremely strong. We had some lunch and then I went to see if our score was up. Totally shocked to find that we had come 3rd with 74%. All in all it was a fab day helped by great surroundings and lovely weather.

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Intermediate, Alex Harvey & Frank

After a very early start and long car journey up to Addington it was good to see that the sun was shining and the venue looked very impressive. We collected my number and then tacked up and went to warm up. It was a it of a challenge as only one arena was being used for the warmup despite the fact that I was on reasonably early it was still very full! Anyway the nerves kicked in as we were called down to do our test. With one navigation error the test had gone okay but I was a bit disappointed with my score of 68% as I knew we could have done a lot better. However we were in the lead with a lot more scores to go so the chances of staying there were very slim. By the end of the class we dropped to sixth place, but I was quite happy as we have not done many intermediate tests and the competition was very stiff. Overall it was a very good day.

Dengie finals 030216

Novice Freestyle to Music, Zara Baker-Tuck & Amber Wizzard

After a small detour on our journey to the Dengie Champs at Addington, we arrived in plenty of time for the Novice Dressage to Music class.  We were  last to go so plenty of time to check out the arenas, get changed and warm up.  All was going well and Ozzie was his usual laid back, casual self until some quite scary music started to blow in and out of the speakers in the warm up from the main arena, making him shake and worry.  With some relaxing words and pats from Mum, he then calmed down a little bit.  All started to go much better when we entered the main arena and apart from having a good look at the judges very scary bright pink table cloth, Ozzie recognised his own music when it started and gradually relaxed into his routine which is from Riverdance.  We finished 7th on a score of 66% which was pleasing considering a rather (literally) shaky start.  It was a good learning experience for both Ozzie and I in such a big atmosphere.  I’d like to say a special thank you to Amanda Blake for all the help she has given me, particularly as the arena size changed between my competitions and we had to re-adjust the routine several times to make it fit.