Sunday July 3, 2022
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Area 9 dressage July 2019

The area dressage this year saw a change of host pony club to the OBH and therefore a change of venue. Although we didn’t have a stately home as a back drop the venue was very good with separate fields for different levels so that there was no over -crowding and a lovely calm atmosphere was there for all to benefit from.

We took a small squad this year, a team for each grassroots, novice and intermediate and three individual riders, one for the novice and two for the open novice. I am delighted to report that we had successes on every level. Due to new eligibility rules, it was a step up for some of our riders but everyone had worked very hard in their preparation and even those who didn’t quite place, rode extremely respectable tests and only just missed a rosette – if rosettes had been to 10th place as in previous years, all would have taken home a nice rozzie. As always, team spirit was super and all of our riders supported and looked after each other in their successes and also in their disappointments at just missing out – something of which I am extremely proud.

So, on first were the novice team of Meg S, Poppy C, Josh B and Zara BT with an individual ride for Grace T on her newly sound horse. After an extremely nail-biting wait, we had individual wins for Meg and Zara a fourth for Josh with Poppy and Grace both riding solid tests and only just outside final placings in very large classes. This meant that we were in joint first with the Berkeley Hunt South so final placings were given on the best collective scores (riders position, effectiveness, horses paces, submission, suppleness etc) and this put the Beaufort Diamonds firmly in first place and off the the Nationals!

Next up were our individual Open Novice riders, Tash and Char Bailey who placed second and third, both qualifying for the Nationals as well! This is a relatively new class for riders who may previously have ridden at a higher level excluding them from other classes but who may have a new, less experienced horse – a great way to keep our valued older riders involved and coming to events bringing their experience, knowledge and level heads which all go to helping our less experienced riders as well. Well done ladies!

Next up were our intermediate riders, Amelia H, Jemima K, Holly S and Iona S. A step up for some due to eligibility rule changes but everyone prepared well and rode solid and respectable tests in what was now becoming an extremely hot day. A team 8th so no qualification this time but a fantastic test from Amelia H saw an individual win and again a qualification to the Nationals – super well done everyone!

Finally, it was the turn of our Grassroots riders, the Beaufort Rubies, Amelie L, Harry B, Lily L and Izzy P. Again, plenty of preparation showed and paid off. Amelie was 3rd, Lily 5th, Izzy 6th and Harry was only just pipped for a place which meant that the team finished 4th and are off to the Regional Champs!

It is always an absolute pleasure to take these riders to a competition. I know they will have all worked hard to prepare and their team spirit is always faultless. They never fail to support each other, congratulate those who have done well but equally support each other if things don’t quite go to plan.

Huge thanks must go to Vic Powell who came and stayed all day to warm up most of our riders and used her magic to keep everyone cool, calm and collected before going up the centre line and making them laugh and smile afterwards – thank you Vic. It was a very long and hot day for you too!

Mummies (and a couple of Dads this time!) your patience with the exceedingly long and hot wait for results meant very tired, hot ponies and children to take home – hopefully you had something long, icy cold and fizzy waiting for you when you were finally able to put your feet up at home!

A fab day out everyone – well done! Anyone wanting to join us next year, please do be in touch with me, or any of our fab trainers. Steffi, Sarah and Vic will be delighted to help you in your preparation.