Thursday October 18, 2018
Area 9 Junior and Mini Eventing – Rabson Manor 2015

Area 9 Junior and Mini Eventing Report for 2015 – Rabson Manor – VWH hunt PC

Poppy Richardson, Milly Harvey, Grace Tucker, Millie Kold, Area eventing, after SJ, Rabson Manor, sunday 9th August 2015

We benefited from glorious weather , and a good preparation this year, marred by Lucy Peevers Obie being under the weather and not able to take part. Lucy brought another pony and was able to do the dressage and SJ which was very kind of Steffi Harant.

Poppy Clark stepped into the team and performed very well.

The course was very twisty, and not up to height, and so we knew that we had to go very slowly, there were no good canter stretches, and do some very good dressage tests!

Luckily we managed both of these things though some of the ponies were very cross and having to be so constrained!

The Junior Beaufort Blue team of Poppy Richardson on Essener Maltezer, Millie Harvey on Tockas Harlequin, Millie Kold on Brenan Jake and Grace Tucker on Jigsaw won their event on a good team score of 78 penalties , and I have every confidence they would have done equally well on a course where jumping counted.

Millie Kold won her section on her excellent dressage score of 21.7 and also took home Best Dressage.

Poppy Richardson came 3rd

Millie Harvey 4th

Poppy Clark 6th with a very good dressage for Coco Loco of 28.8 and a request for more dressage lessons!!

Grace Tucker 8th.

Tom Beattie riding in a competitive open section came Ist on Miracos Thunderstorm.

We also won the Mini Class and it was fun to have some ‘newcomers ‘ to eventing team life in Daisy White and Freddie Hack both of whom did very well and I hope will keep on Eventing.

The Beaufort Blue team comprised Will Connors on Poppy who came 4th, Freddie Hack on Northern Jimmy came 5th, Daisy White on Spring and Flora Harant Lambert on a very perky Perky won her section on a good dressage of 29.6.

George Beattie again riding in the Open Section on Millie came a very good 7th.

All the children looked very smart, remarked upon by the DC Mrs Dibble, and had a very happy day.