Wednesday October 17, 2018
Cotswold Hunt PC ODE – 26/4/15

Cotswold Hunt Pony Club ODE- Andoversford -26/4/15

Maddie Perry, Georgie Gay, Poppy richardson,  millie harvey, grace tucker, jack tucker, Beaufor team members, Cotswold ODE, 26th april, 2015


The Cotswold Hunt had put a lot of work into the course this year and althoughthe Class 1 and 2 Assisted and unassisted classes were still very encouraging for first timers the 80/85 centimetre course used the hilly country to good effect with tricky steps to ditches, fences on rising ground and quite a long course.

We had a good start to the day in class 1 where Amelia Hendy on Thistledown Royal Mint discovered she may like jumping after all and came 2nd, Bel Mc Laughlin Stiched in Gold 5th, Lucy Mc Laughlin Hyperion 6th and Lucy Cox Shilton Rocks Shiraz 8th.

Kinvara Montgommerie had a very good day on Thomas and came 3rd in her section in class 2. Patrick Mason completed his first team ODE , and is looking forward to the next one!

Although Class 3 the Team class was Open, we had mainly entered our Junior team ‘hopefuls’ with the addition of Molly Spearman with her lovely baby having a first ODE outing. There were 15 teams entered and a very good individual entry. The XC finished around 5.00pm and the class started at 12.00!

Luckily the promised downpour did not happen and the ground was very good, although hard in some areas.

Our teams had a very good day the Beaufort Buff came first with a team score of 84.43 and the Beaufort Blue came second with a score of 91.26. Only 8 teams managed a score and the next team was more than 25 points behind our Blue team! A particularly good result as most of the combinations are very new.

Beaufort Buff

Molly Spearman Landsbrook Spartacus 1st in her section with a fantastic score of 20 and a very sensible double clear.

Maddie Perry Quinney 3rd

Alice Horlick 4th Cornerstone Peanut

Georgie Gay Dylan 5th

Beaufort Blue

Grace Tucker Jigsaw 2nd

Poppy Richardson Essenar Maltazer 2nd

Milly Harvey Tockas Harlequin 2nd

Jack Tucker Ice ford Dolly 6th.

All were correctly turned out and present for the prize giving , and their manners in dismounting from their ponies and waiting for each other at the end of the XC was noted and mentioned.

Thank you all for such a lovely day.