Tuesday November 20, 2018
Foxcote ODE – 30/7/15

FOXCOTE – ode -COTSWOLD HUNT PC – 30/7/15 – Andoversford


This event was held about a month earlier than usual this year, and clashed with residential camp and there were two dressage ‘big days’ also on this week. We did not have as many entered as usual, but the weather was perfect and the ground really good so a great warm up for the Junior areas next week.

Team 1st

In the 2’3 12 and under 70-75cm class our team of Tom Connors on Sambo , Will Connors on Poppy, Poppy Richardson on the families young Avars Star and Lucy Peevers on Obie won their class with a stunning score of 72.92 a good 14 points ahead of the next team. This was helped by Poppys awesome dressage score of 16.7 ( yes she did get best dressage)

Will Connors also won his section with Lucy Peevers 4th and Tom Connors came 6th in his. A good reward for the 7.30am course walk!

Team 1st.

In the 2’9 any age 85cm 90cm Class our team of Evie Mahony, Rubinezze Poppy Clark, Coco Loco 2 Poppy Richardson on Essenar Matlezer and Jack Tucker on Iceford Dolly also won! In fact it was a strange victory because out of 7 teams we were the only team to have a team score, in fact all ours finished. There were very few clear rounds, in fact in one secton none!

Poppy Richardson won her section with a clear XC, with Evie Mahony 5th and Poppy Clark 7th, Grace Tucker riding as an individual for the first time at this height at a ODE came 2nd with a clear XC very impressive.

Everyone had a very good day, and it was a lovely friendly event as usual with wonderful quick results.

Lesley Todhunter

Team manager.