Wednesday October 17, 2018
Pony Racing Day 2015

Pony Racing Day – by Willa Gibb

Racing 1

After having a racing training day, Poppy Clark, Grace Tucker, Daisy White and I joined around fifty other young jockeys for a day’s pony racing at Cheltenham, the home of jump racing.

We arrived at Cheltenham early, and unboxed in the car park. It was a warm but slightly rainy

Good Friday

First of all we went down to the weighing room to sign in and were shown to the changing rooms. We all then changed into our racing colours and were then weighed out in the same place as all the other famous lady jockeys.

We then went to get the ponies plaited and ready to go to the pre parade ring. We all waited for our ponies to come to the pre parade ring so that we could put their saddles on and walk them round. Our parents went to bet on us before the race!!!

Racing 2

Then our parents or siblings walked the ponies round the parade ring while we waited in the middle of the ring. Our ponies then came onto the grass for us to mount.

Mounted stewards escorted us down to the course after we had got on. The ponies were getting very excited!

Once we had got down to the start line, they checked our girths and made sure we were safe to go. The starter put his flag down and we were away! In the end I came third and Grace came fourth. Poppy came fourth in her race. Daisy was up against a much harder field as she had come first at a previous meeting s

We all really enjoyed ourselves and would love to do it again.