Wednesday October 24, 2018
Area SJ 2015

Area SJ 2015

What an amazing day! To win 3 out of the 4 team competitions is absolutely fantastic – well done everyone and 2 tack and turnout wins too!


Junior Report

On Sunday 5th July 2015 eight riders from the Beaufort Pony Club took part in the annual Junior Area 9 Show Jumping competition. These were Tom Beattie, Bea Adamson, Grace Tucker and Poppy Clark who were in the Beaufort Blue team and Lucy Peevers (me), Willa Gibb, Lily Laughton and Jack Tucker who were in the Beaufort Buff team.
Everybody had to wash ponies, clean their tack and plait up because the Areas is a very big competition and there is a tack inspector.
First up was the Beaufort Blue team. They finished the first round on a score of zero. Then they did their second round, unfortunately finishing on a score of eight faults because of
three unlucky dropped rails. In both rounds only three scores counted so the worst score was discarded. Next it was us, the Beaufort Buff team. Our first round went ok with two very unlucky poles down finishing on a score of four faults. Our second round came straight after a massive downpour of hail with a bit of thunder that just came out of nowhere. Once the weather had cleared up, I was first to go on and because it was so wet we had to go slowly but we still finished on all of us clear leaving us on a team score of four faults.
As the day went on, our team did really well as no team had a score of zero so we jumped off against the other teams on four faults.
We then did a third round against the clock and in total finished on a time of 110.45 seconds which was good enough to win, but only just…the team that came second had 110.95
Every individual who got double clear also went through to the jump off. Willa and Bea therefore went as individuals with Bea coming seventh and Willa fourth but it was very close because third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh placing were all on times in the same second (33 seconds). The Beaufort Blue team also came tenth out of the thirty-one teams.
On behalf of all the junior teams I would like to thank all the parents who brought us here and helped and supported us and Rhian who came to support our teams and give us advice. Last of all I would like to thank Kate Adamson who organised the teams and put a lot of hard work and effort to make the day run smoothly as well as trying to organise her own two children.
By Lucy Peevers


Novice Area Showjumping 2015 Report by Amy Peevers

On Sunday, 5th July 2015 The Beaufort pony club sent three novice teams to represent them at the Area Showjumping. A lot of work and preparation took place the day before as there was a very strict tack and turnout inspection. The ponies had to be plaited up and looking smart and tack had to be spotless.

We arrived at the venue very early as there was a course walk at 7:30am sharp. We walked both courses with Rhian who gave us very good instruction. Rhian also warmed us up before we went into the arena to do our round. The first course to be ridden was on uneven ground although the jumps weren’t particularly big. However this was quite tricky because the ground was wet and slippy from the early morning dew. The second course was on flatter ground and the jumps were bigger. This suited our teams better as the ground also wasn’t so slippy as the grass had dried out.

The Beaufort Blue (Rachel Hatherell, Emma Hatherell, Amy Peevers, Jack Beattie) and the Beaufort Buff (a Amelia James, Maddy Adamson, Lexi Hart, Char Bailey)  both went through the two rounds with 0 faults which meant that they were both through to the jump off. 

The whole of the Beaufort pony club had brought lots of food for a big shared picnic for everyone. But little did we know that a massive storm was going to hit us. There was lots of rain and thunder and big chunks of hail which meant that riding was temporarily suspended and the ground was then slippery.

As the day went on it became apparent that the Beaufort Blue and Buff were the only teams to go clear after their two rounds. Out of thirty-four teams, we then knew both the Blue and Buff teams had qualified for the championships. 

The two teams were advised by the adults not to go flat out in the jump off as we were competing against ourselves and didn’t want any injured children or ponies. We ended up with a final result of the Beaufort Blue team winning on a zero score and the Beaufort Buff team ending on a score of four and coming second. The Beaufort Red team (Imo Brook, Millie Kold, Amanda Wallis, Eliza Gibb) also did very well and came team 9th. In the Beaufort Red team a special mention goes to Millie Kold for going double clear.

The Beaufort Buff team looked particularly spectacular and their efforts were rewarded as they won the tack and turnout inspection. 

A big thank you to Rhian for walking the course with us and helping us to warm up and to Kate Adamson for managing the teams so well.


Amy Peevers