Sunday October 21, 2018
CVFHPC SJ at Hartpury -Feb 15

Congratulations to everybody at Cotswold Vale PC team SJ at Hartpury on Saturday 14th February. There were some fantastic team and individual results.

Class 1

Well done Orlo Clark, Georgie Balfrey, George Beattie and Jamie Ticehurst for their team 3rd. A great start to the day and worth a rosette for being ready to compete at 8am.

Class 2

Produced a fantastic team first the Beaufort Blue team of Meg Luddington (1st), George Beattie (2nd) , Lily Laughton (6th) and Will Connors.

The Beaufort Red team of Lauren Dunne (5th), Orlo Clark, Georgie Balfrey and Jamie Ticehurst produced a team fifth.

Class 3

Well done to the Beaufort Violet Team of Lily Laughton, Bea Adamson, Lauren Dunne and Will

Connors who were team 3rd and The Beaufort Red team of Flora Harant-Lambert, Maddie Perry (3rd), Ella Harries-Jacob and Lucy Peevers for their team 5th. Tom Beattie also produced an impressive individual win.

Class 4

A fantastic team result with a team 1st to the Beaufort Blue for Tom Beattie (1st), Poppy Clark (2nd), Grace Tucker (3rd) and Amy Curtis…great individual placings as well as the team first.

Class 5

Congratulations Beaufort Blue for their team 1st Amy Peevers (1st), Jack Beattie (2nd), Maddy Adamson (5th) and Rachel Hatherell.

Team 3rd also went to the Beaufort Red team of Emma Hatherell, Millie Kold, Amy Curtis and a flying round from Grace Tucker (4th)

Class 6

The Dengie individual class produced some great rounds but quite a few odd knock downs due to a long and technical course. Congratulations to Jack Beattie 1st and Rachel Hatherell who was 2nd in a high calibre line-up.

Class 7

Well done to Isla Green, Sacha Green and Daphne Schrager who came team 4th to finish off the day.

The ‘Team Triumph’ is awarded to the class four team of Tom Beattie, Poppy Clark, Grace Tucker and Amy Curtis for their four clears, individual placings and impressive team win.

The Individual Achievement is awarded to Grace Tucker who produced a perfect round on Jigsaw in class 5.