Wednesday October 17, 2018
Pony Club Championships 2017

It was with great excitement that the novice show jumping team qualified for the Pony Club Championships in 2017.
The team of Lucy Peevers, Bea Adamson, Tom Connors and Jack Tucker arrived at Cholmondeley Castle and settled their ponies into the portable stables whilst we all huddled under the Beaufort Gazebo. Rhian arrived very early the next morning, to guide and focus the children in their two course walks and give her continued support in the warm ups. And then the nerves for both the children and their parents commenced!
The first course has a beautiful view with the Castle in the background and each of the members entered the ring with a sense of the occasion. With all four members rising to the challenge and producing four beautiful rounds, we were all ecstatic to achieve a team zero score.
With only a little time to refocus on the next round, we moved over to the main arena which is grandly surrounded by trade stands. Just before the drawn time, the heavens opened and all the smart combinations now looked like drowned rats.
The soggy riders and ponies, combined with the now very sticky ground conditions led to a couple of unfortunate mishaps but the team now ended on 12 faults. It was only as the competition progressed it became apparent that they were in the placings. A team sixth out of thirty-eight teams was fabulous. What an achievement.