Wednesday October 17, 2018
Syston PC SJ November 2017

We had a brilliant start for the Beaufort at the Syston PC SJ at West Wilts on 26th November with a win in the 60cm for the team of Tom C, Emily A-J, Lilly L and Zane C and 3 individual placings too! In the 70cm we had a team win for Lilly L, Lucy C, Daisy L and Lottie R and team 3rd for Tom C, Harry S, Holly H and Daisy L with individual placings for Daisy (10th), Harry (8th), Lottie (6th), Lucy (3rd) and Tom (1st)! Finally the 80cm we had a team win for Anna D, Belle E, Alice E and Tom C and a team 4th for Harry S, Lucy C, Bea M and Lottie R with individual placings for Anna D (1st), Belle E (2nd), Xavi A (4th), Lucy C (6th) and Bea M (10th)!


Super riding everyone!!