Tuesday November 20, 2018
CVFHPC Tetrathlon

Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt Pony Club Tetrathlon  (see first photo above)


On Friday 24th and Saturday 25th April 2015, the Beaufort sent a contingent of twelve to contest the CVF Tetrathlon.  Swimming was on the Friday night at Tewkesbury Sports Centre.  Some made the trip to swimming via Deer Park to walk the cross country course as there was to be little time in the morning to squeeze this in.  All our competitors swam as far as they could in two minutes, with the exception of Tom Edwards, our only Junior, who at his first Tetrathlon had to keep going for 3 minutes.  Quite some challenge for a newcomer and he coped admirably.

Saturday took us all to Deer Park, Brockhampton for shoot, ride and run.

Tiddlers threw bean bags, jumped a course of 1ft 3” rustic fences in an arena and then ran 500m.  The Beaufort Tiddlers team of Harry Barker, Jemima Pearce, Jemima Gordon & Hannah Luddington took First Place.  Rufus Bush was a member of a mixed team which took 3rd place.  Individual honours went to Harry (1st & Best Run), Jemima Pearce (3rd & Best Swim & Best Run) and Hannah (4th). Harry & Hannah scored maximum points in the riding phase.


Tadpoles shot pistols at 7m static targets (two hands), jumped a course of 2ft rustic fences in an arena and ran 1000m. The Beaufort Tadpoles team of Joseph Pearce, Rosie Bush, Archie Gordon & Harry Smith took 5th place.  Joseph also achieved Best Run.

Mini Boys & Girls

Minis shot pistols at 7m static targets (two hands).  They would normally have shot at turning targets but there was a technical hitch!  They jumped a full cross country course of 2ft 6” and ran 1000m. Mini Boys were Will Connors and Josh Barker – unfortunately they did not have enough to make up a team.  Will finished in 1st place (Best Shoot) and Josh in 4th place. Both boys did good clear rounds cross country to score maximum ride points.

The Mini Girls Team of Alice Edwards, Belle Edwards, Megan Luddington & Anna Dando acquitted themselves well.  Alice finished in individual 5th place and the team were 4th.


Our sole Junior representative, Tom Edwards, had a great day.  Tom shot at 7m with one hand, rode over a 3ft cross country course and ran 1500m.  He finished in 2nd place and achieved the only maximum ride score in the Junior Boys Class.

Well done all.
Alex Connors