Wednesday October 17, 2018
Easter Training Camp April 2016

During the Easter holidays, 25 of us who do junior and intermediate tetrathlon went and stayed at Stonar school for two days. We all arrived and settled our horses into their stables before running down to Hart house to admire the huge common room and our lovely rooms. We had to be quick as we had to be on board our horses ready for the first session. The sessions were well balanced  by having a mix of time on the main XC, in the indoor arena doing some flatwork and then finally having the large outdoor arena for grids and Show Jumping. It definitely gave us a breather from the main XC course! At lunch time everyone got a hot meal in the Stonar canteen, which gave us the fuel and energy for the afternoon as we had a technique  swim session with Rebecca as well as more riding. Luckily the only time it rained was when we were in the swimming pool. After swimming we fed our horses then we went and had dinner. Next we returned to the boarding house where we all played a fun game of Army Horse then a film. The next morning everyone was very tired. However we had a running session first thing with Tom which started with a talk about the science behind 1500 metre running before heading out onto the games field for some interval training.   Then it was back to the stables for two more riding sessions. The weather was again good to us as none of us got wet! Everyone really enjoyed it and we had a great laugh together particularly as some of us had not seen each other for ages. By the end of the two days  everyone, including the horses, was very tired and definitely slept well when they got home!

By Rachel Hatherell

All the children, 2, Stonar camp, march 2016 IMAG0690