Sunday October 21, 2018
Mendip PC Tetrathlon Jul 2016

Mendip Tet report by Lucy Fast

Three of our tetrathletes (Ella, Tegan and Aimee) headed off to the Area 14/15/16 Mendip Tetrathlon on the 9th and 10th July.

We arrived at Sidcott School and were amazed at the organisation, we were given a bag with all our targets, course plan, timings etc…it all seemed very professional and everyone was really friendly. They had lots of sponsors so a very glossy brochure showing both the run courses and riding courses with pictures of the individual jumps was produced, very professional!

We all shot first, so after getting our guns and pellets checked, we lined up in the sports hall. All the girls shot well, we then had a little wait for the swimming so took on board some carbs and liquid.

The girls swam well but the pool seemed very slow, I have no idea why???

We all had an early start the following day, some earlier than others….. I hate being late so Aimee and I made sure we left at 6.45am, the mood darkened on the way as not only were we tired from the day before but it started to rain, oh joy.

We parked up to the sound of Tom Jones singing coming from the speakers full blast, hilarious to say the least and even though nerves had started to set in it made everybody smile. The rain by now had stopped and the sun threatened to make an appearance.

The riding and running courses were superb, really well built solid fences, very technical with a fabulous water complex, the running course was flat with one big loop so no laps which is always a good thing.

We had to fill in forms for the commentary box to use whilst the horses were going round, this was great as it meant we could hear what was going on throughout the whole course, so any mistakes could be noted and duly acted upon!

The run was first and as the field that was being used had cows in it the week before it was definitely a cross country run which included dodge the cow pats!

All 3 girls ran well and put maximum effort in, Tegan was the first girl and Aimee recorded a personal best.

We had quite a wait before the riding phase so took the opportunity to walk the course again and have a quick snack.

The girls finally got on their horses and started to warm up in a rather chaotic collecting ring.

They were the last three riders of their section and whilst Robyn and Chris watched and recorded the girls going round, I waited at the finish line.

All 3 girls finished triumphant! Ella and Tally looked like they could go round again! Clear rounds for all of them, it was the perfect end to a really well run weekend.