Saturday November 17, 2018
Area 9 Tetrathlon July 2017

It is with relief and pride that I write this report. Relief that it all went off without a hitch. Pride in the amazing team of people who pulled together and gave so generously of their time to make the event happen.
We received over 140 entries for the Area Tet, of which 58 were Beaufort PC members. This was a first class turnout and it meant we were able to utilise pretty much every club family as judges, stewards, time keepers and man/womanpower.
The competition kicked off on Saturday afternoon at our club shooting barn, the home of Mr & Mrs John Hatherell. The working party that met a few days earlier to sweep out and tidy the barn went into the job in fresh summer clothes and came out like chimney sweeps. It was a horrible job but the barn looked amazing. We were easily able to cater for 7m and 10m shooters, in details of 12, with a separate area for the Frogspawn Beanbag shooting. Fred Church, our hard working Area 9 Tetrathlon Manager led the Shoot range with our parents assisting in stewarding, gun checking and scoring. Fred lent the perfect air of professionalism, tempered by kind encouragement.
Notable Beaufort shoots: Emma H 940 (Best OG), Tom E 880 (Best IB), Poppy C 940 (Best JG), Will C 960 (Best JB), Orlo C & George S 900 (Best MBs), Miles H 860 (Best TB), Holly R 820 (Best FG) & Laurie AL 880 (Best FB).
From Westonbirt the competitors travelled over to the pool at Malmesbury for the swim phase. Due to a summer camp, our usual pool at Westonbirt school was not available however the Activity Zone provided an equally good venue.
Philip Kendell ran the swim phase with the able assistance of Rebecca Telford and another team of parents lane walking and stewarding. Thank you also to the Lewis family from Minch PC, all four of whom worked at the pool all evening.
Notable Beaufort swims: Jess T (Best OG), Poppy C (Best JG), Tom C (Best JB), Ruby B (Best TG), Holly R (Best FG), Joe C (Best FB).
The scores were brought home to Ian Luddington and Rob Coombs who sweated blood to get everything input. Much planning and preparation had gone into scoring this year and all was well until a monster computer meltdown at about 11pm caused a setback which kept the poor number crunchers up until the small hours. We really do owe them big thanks for getting everything ready for the morning!
Sunday dawned hotter than expected and we were pleased that a water bowser had been laid on in anticipation. It was not quite as hot as the ODE but very nearly!
Grateful thanks to Pip Green who ran the ride phase with Lucinda Rose assisting while Pip’s children were riding. Jane and Spike Milligan gave up another day to Pony Club, taking on the roles of Cross Country Start, Control and Commentary.
First out on the Cross Country course were the Open Competitors. Fifteen Open riders took on the 1m “plus” course. For 2017 the Open class has been reduced from 1.10m to 1m “technical”. The jury is still out on this decision as most Open riders relished the challenge to take on 1.10m. The Beaufort have lobbied strongly for the old standard to be reinstated.
It became apparent that the course had been measured a bit tight and so after some recalculation, the time was adjusted. Six of the 15 achieved max ride score of 1400, one being our own Jess Telford.


Intermediates next. Eighteen riders this time tackling the 1m course. One third only achieved max ride score and three of them were the Beaufort boys team! Bravo Henry S, Harry B and Tom E.
The Juniors provided the last qualifying class. Thirty two set out. Seventeen scored max ride. Things were looking good on the team front in all classes.
Once we launched into the Mini class, the cross country team could relax a little as the course was no longer timed, apart from the gate and slip rail.
The Tadpole class enjoyed a shortened course in the bottom of the valley. It was a good opportunity for them to get outside an arena and tackle some gentle gradients and a real slip rail.
The Frogs course ran in an enclosed paddock at the top of the hill. Although the fences were small, so were many of the children and this was a real test for those little ones.
Meanwhile the run phase was buzzing along under the charge of Tom Hatherell and his team of timekeepers and stewards. This time we ran in heats as has become common at Championship level. The new format ran very smoothly as the competitors gave everything they had left in the searing heat.
Notable Beaufort Runs: Maddy A (Best IG), Poppy C (Best JG), Tom C (Best JB), Joseph P (Best MB), Ruby B (Best TG), Joe Collings (Best FB).
And so to our results. Our determined and dedicated members did so well!
Mini Boys
Winning Team: Orlo C, George H, Joseph P, George S
Winning Individual Girl: Jemima P
Winning Team: Ruby B, Amelie L, Skye W and Jemima P
Winning Individual Girl: Holly R
Winning Individual Boy: Joe C
Winning Team: Holly R, Joe C, Laurie AL, Hector AL


Open Girls
Individual Winner: Jess T (Qualified)
Team Winners: Jess T, Sasha G, Isla G, Emma H (Qualified)
Intermediate Girls
Team Winners: Amy P, Maddy A, Ella HJ (Qualified)
Intermediate Boys
Individual Winner: Henry S (Qualified)
Team Winners: Henry S, Tom E, Harry B (Qualified)
Junior Girls
Individual Winner: Poppy C (Qualified)
Team Winners: Poppy C, Bea A, Meg S, Rachel H (Qualified)
Junior Boys
Individual Winner: Tom C (Qualified)
Team Winners: Tom C, Will C, Jack T, Josh B (Qualified)
Junior Mixed
Team Winners: Charles H, Sam B, Grace T, Finnola S (Qualified)

Six Beaufort teams going to the Championships, 22 qualifiers in all. Additionally, by entering a Grassroots team for the Championships some months ago in the hope of getting to Bishop Burton, we will field a seventh team of Orlo Clark, George Hall, Mimi Green and Harry Barker. I hope they have reserved us a large pitch for Area 9!
Just in case you think it was a Beaufort whitewash, I am pleased to report that we have strength in depth in Area 9; members from 8 different branches achieved qualification at West Littleton.
This is very good news for the future of the sport.