Thursday October 18, 2018
Junior Regional Tetrathlon – Moreton Morrell – June 2017

Earning a place to compete at The Junior Regional Tetrathlon in May is one of the most coveted things you can do as a Junior Tetrathlete. That along with getting to the Pony Club Championships. In April you can apply for selection to your Team Manager who puts names forward to the Area Co-ordinator. From these nominations, teams and individuals are chosen to represent Central England, a region made up of Pony Club Areas 7, 9 and 12. Central England is a very strong region and so selection is not easy. The Beaufort were delighted to have all 9 of our nominations selected.
Most competitors arrived on Friday afternoon, battling with appalling traffic through Stow and Moreton in the Marsh. The Beaufort Tetrathlon tent was put up for the second time in a week and the 24 strong Central England Team gathered round for a Barbecue. Our team managers, Fred & Jill Church, looked after us with kindness and enthusiasm. Yellow kit was distributed and we all set to meeting new friends from different Pony Clubs in the Central Region and beyond.
Shooting took place in the indoor school at Moreton Morrell. The times seemed to have moved 15 minutes earlier which gave us a shock. Will nearly missed his details and his mother could have done with some Beta Blockers. 900 each for Tom & Will. The others on their team scored 840, 920 and 940 so the team was well placed. In the girls class Poppy recorded a fabulous 980 to take best shoot. Lucy shot 940, Finnola 920 and Rachel 900, so an excellent start.
Swimming took place in Coventry some half hour trip away. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool as swim heats were followed by an Inter Regional team relay with the four best from each region chosen to take part. Poppy swam for Central England, who finished second only to Ireland and in front of Wales, Scotland and all the other English regions.
On returning from the pool, there was quite a bit to do with exercising horses, walking the ride and run courses and preparing for the Fancy Dress party in the evening.
The ride course was DIFFICULT and gave us a lot to think about. Fence 5 had two rounds at an acute angle. There was a wiggly long route available (unpenalised) and an L fence. In the event, many took the long route as the quick way caused a whole host of problems.
Fence 9 was a large drop, then two strides to a skinny off set hedge. This actually rode very well for those who took care and began their turn as they took off. Plenty took a long route which was perfectly possible and unpenalised although used up valuable time and energy.
The water was meaty with a hanging rail straight into water and a skinny afterwards. A major question that you would be unlucky to meet before reaching Novice BE level at least. In the evening the children went off to the Superheros Barbecue. Parents collapsed around a bucket of spaghetti cooked up by Cathy & Tom.
Ride day dawned and the boys were on first. Mother needed a bucket and it wasn’t for water….. The girls and camp followers got out on the course so they could feedback information to the boys at the start. Tom recorded a lovely clear, the only one in the Central England boys team. Will had one look at the water and jumped it the second time. The boys had a short break only before running, Will only about half an hour. There was some incredible running from Sam Cobb. When the scores were added up, Central England Boys were the winners: Charlie Brown 5th, Tom 6th, Oscar Hamilton Russell 10th, Will 13th and Josh Mitchell 18th. Well done boys!
And now the girls who had had a long nervous wait before their riding. Smashing clears from Poppy, Rachel, Bea & Finnola. Meg had one glance off. Lucy and Tegan had a few faults each but went steaming round.
The run: Poppy came in second only to Sarah Coutts from Scotland. Rachel was our next best runner in 13th.
Wonderful news came through that Poppy had won individually—what an achievement as a first year Junior! Central England Gold Team with Poppy and Rachel were 3rd.
The prize giving was a lovely occasion with blocks of coloured shirts marking out the Irish Green from the Welsh Red and the Scottish Blue. Over one hundred in the girls competition and just under 50 in the boys. I think we all felt it was a privilege to represent Central England in such excellent company.
The heavens opened and we all made our way home. If you want to go next year, look out for my email asking for applications—this is one not to miss.