Wednesday November 21, 2018
Ledbury Triathlon August 2017

On Sunday the 20th of August a team of keen Beaufort Triathletes arrived early in the morning to perform their best at the Gadbury Triathlon. We all arrived safely, although my Dad had a stop during the journey up due to his wheel! But that got sorted quickly. Firstly we walked the riding course and then the shooting began. The shooting went well for the whole Beaufort team, and George managed to shoot 840, which is quite impressive for his first time being a ‘junior’ (one handed). This was closely followed by 800 being scored by Miles, Xavier and myself, which won the shoot for Miles and George in their respective sections. Next was the riding. Everyone did really well on the cross country course and personally, after riding at the Nationals last weekend, I found the course very nice! And Ben and I had a clear round. After the riding, the pressure was on for everyone in the running phase, with Rosie and Tom in second position by 20 points, Miles and Chloe in 1st place and George and I with twenty points between us, and Xavier and Joe contesting for places. So our ambitious runners warmed up, ran some fantastic races. Everyone ran really well and Rosie, Chloe and I managed to win best run for our respective sections. I think everyone did so very well and all achieved impressive times for such a hilly and ‘long’ course.

The points were added up and everyone was eager to see the scores, crowding around the results board. Everyone was excited and proud of what they had achieved.

Team Beaufort gave an outstanding performance, with everyone getting individually placed, and all our teams came first! There were some great performances with Chloe winning the shoot and the run and riding clear! Joe came 8th in his first ever Tadpole competition, Miles and Xavier came 5th and Rosie and Tom came 2nd, with Rosie only 6 points behind getting first place! The competition thankfully between my brother and I went in my favour, with George winning the shoot, but I managed to grab back the points in the run by 15 seconds..yeh!
We received our prizes with big smiles on our faces and made sure we said big thank you’s to all the organisers. Then it was time for the group photo before all the Mums dashed home before the rain came.

We all came home having had a happy lovely day doing the things we love.
By Charles Hall