Wednesday October 17, 2018
Senior Regional Tetrathlon – Nunney – August 2017

The Beaufort had 4 competitors selected to represent Central England at the Pony Club Regional 100 competition held at Nunney: Henry Stratton, Jess Telford, Maddy Adamson and Amy Peevers.
I arrived at Monkton Combe school knowing the level of competition would be high as there were competitors from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the different regions of England. Just before the shooting and swimming phases we were all given the bright yellow Central England team kit for the next two days. I shot 840, Henry 740, Jess 780 and sadly Amy forgot to check the air in her gun beforehand and hence found her shots rather low on the target for 560. The swim heats were very soon after with Jess scoring an amazing 1124 swimming over 10 lengths, Henry over 11 lengths scoring 999 (with an injured toe), Amy and I both swam almost 8 scoring 864 and 882.
At the campsite in Nunney, there was a shortage in portable stables, so Amy and I settled our horses in the luxury permanent stables at the yard. We then walked the XC course that evening and to say it was big and technical is an understatement, it was designed to be 100 in height, but 2* in technicality!

That evening, there was a delicious pizza stand serving supper, followed by a jungle themed disco. The parents didn’t sleep a wink that night knowing what the course was like!

The following morning the boys rode first and the majority of the words coming from the commentator’s mouth were things like “stop” “paramedic needed” “refusal” “sticky jump” “gave the judge a fright” or “retired”. We were expecting to gain some knowledge from how to ride the course but came away even more nervous! The XC was definitely asking lots of questions so we were very proud to watch Henry Stratton ride skilfully with a near perfect round and just skimmed past two acute skinnies.
Jess was very brave to ride such a course on a borrowed horse as her faithful Albert is recovering from a poisoned foot. They did their best but Jess could not record as good a ride score as usual. Such as shame as she would have been up in the rankings.
Amy set off boldly with plenty of scope over the big oxers. Her horse is very young to be riding such a technical course and she performed a positive round, only having problems with the extreme skinnies on the course.
I started my round unaware of what to expect as I have never ridden such a big and technical course before. I set off with plan A’s and plan B’s according to how she was going. She gave me the ride of my life and pinged every corner, drop and bounce. I thought I would get 1400 minus a few time faults but unfortunately I got 50 penalties for not putting the rope back on the gate completely correctly. Argh!!!

With the run completed soon thereafter, the scores were then up remarkably quickly. Jess’s Central England team was placed 6th and individual placings were Jess 66th, Amy 65th Henry 46th without being able to run due to his damaged toe and I was 20th. There were only twenty 1400 scores out of 144 competitors with Team Ireland impressively winning both the girls and the boys team event.
Maddy Adamson