Saturday November 17, 2018
South Hereford & Ross Harriers PC Triathlon – September 2017

Three intrepid Tetrathletes took part in a NEW Triathlon run by the South Hereford & Ross PC this weekend. Laurie A-L & Holly R entered the Tadpole class, even though they could remain at Frogspawn level until the end of the year. However both are keen to get going shooting so they took the step up.
The John Kyrle High School was very easy to get to with plenty of parking nearby to the shooting in the Hall. The shoot timings were on schedule and the organizing team were friendly and helpful.
The running was held on the playing fields (again on time) with nicely kept grass and plenty of stewards on hand to shout directions, which is just what the little ones need. Laurie ran one of the best times in his class.
Ross on Wye swimming pool was a very quick and easy 5 minute drive from the school, in the centre of town. This was really lovely as it meant families had about 40 mins to walk around town rather than hang around in the car. No problem with parking again. The pool was very nice, 25m with good clean and modern changing facilities and a nice viewing gallery for parents.
As the results came in, Holly was delighted to see that her strong performance in all 3 phases had earned her 5th individual prize.

Xavi A was our sole Mini boy. He performed Best Shoot and Best Run to take individual 2nd place and team 4th. Xavi was unlucky in the swim as there was a timing error and his heat went on for 3 minutes instead of 2. Although the distance was adjusted, the formula used did not fully account for that fact that all the minis would have slowed down after 2 minutes. This has happened to our competitors a couple of times in the past and we recommend you always time your child’s swim so you have an idea of how far they covered, even if the finishing horn fails or is delayed. It is also useful to keep a record of your last 3 swim scores so you can show what is “normal” for your child to score.