Wednesday November 21, 2018
Wylye Valley Triathlon November 2017

The Wylye Valley Triathlon took place at Southfield House, Frome. This is the home of Mrs Angela Yeoman who has been a great supporter of the Pony Club for many years. The event takes place on a lovely compact site with all phases close together.
In what will soon be known as the “Beanie” class, Holly R & Hector AL joined with two Cattistock PC members to sweep the board and win team honours. This was no mean feat as over TWENTY teams contested this class. Holly performed 3rd best swim for 11th Ind and Hector 17th which, given there were 80 children in the class, was amazing.
In what will soon be known as the “Intro” Class, our competitors Georgia G and Laurie AL joined two from the Mendip and brought home Team 5th out of 11. Again some very hot competition. Laurie was also placed 7th individually.
The Mini Girls class provided a first ever Tri outing for Yasmin K. She put in an amazing performance for a newcomer, shooting 600, running 4m 11 and swimming 4 length. She looks forward to joining some of our other new and existing Mini Girls to make a strong team in this category for 2018.
The Beaufort Mini Boys were on fire! Jack R, who has only just joined the PC finished 6th and George L finished second with an outstanding Best Run of 3m 38sec and Second Best Swim of 4l 19m. They joined with an RA member to take team 2nd. With another year in this category for both George and Jack, the future is looking bright.
Our most senior competitor was Jamie T who contested the Junior Boys Class. Jamie put up a great performance for Ind 10th and Team 3rd.
Well done everyone for taking on this competition and doing so well!