Tuesday March 19, 2019
On-line Competition Booking

To help modernise how our branch operates, providing a more streamlined organisation to help members, parents and the volunteers who manage the branch, we moved 5 years ago to online booking.

On-line Competition Entries: 

This is starting with a system provided by www.horse-events.co.uk for our larger competition entries.

This is a company who have an easy to use system, that has been well tested by a number of other Pony Club branches and Areas.

It is simple to use, but a user guide is available here  in 2 formats.

Please contact Fran at www.horse-events.co.uk , info@horse-events.co.uk, 07962 251696  (Not after 7.30pm) if you have problems using the system and she will be happy to help.

How to book online with Horse Events ( word docx)

How to book online with Horse Events (pdf)