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2017 Dressage Rule BookThe current Pony Club Dressage Rule Book is a useful read, contains all the Pony Club Dressage Tests and can be downloaded for free as a PDF by clicking here or bought online for £3.

The Belvoir Hunt Branch members enjoy great fun, facilities, coaching with top coaches and clinics with BD judges, and have a successful track record in  the Pony Club Championships.

There are competitions for all levels  from Lead Rein through to Pony Club Open ( roughly British Dressage Medium level)

These are friendly but professional, using helpful expert coaches to enable all our members to have fun and easy access to Dressage.

We aim to have teams at all levels in the Pony Club Championships, and organise training for each Pony Club level :

If you are interested in being in one of the teams, the best start is to compete at the relevant level in some of the Branch Team Dressage and Eventing competitions to get invaluable experience of competing under pressure and the fun of being part of a team.

Area Dressage Report 2016

Click on link above for full report with photos.

The Belvoir branch put out a fantastic team, with a total of 22 competitors from age 8 to 18, including 6 teams across the 4 classes: Grassroots to Open, all looking very smart and performing with great credit in the atmospheric setting of Thoresby Park, in the event kindly organised by the Rufford Pony Club Branch.


First up were the Landrover Regional Championships qualifier teams;

Where we had a fantastic 3 whole teams, a total of 12 competitors, many doing their first major competition tests. The Belvoir Pups of Olivia Bentley, Millie Hindmarch, Clemmie Bealby and Daisy Patchett were the youngest of our teams, all Junior camp age and all looked super smart and did lovely tests.



The Belvoir Foxes, were a slightly older team of Alex Skelton, Alice Robertson, Holly Morgan and Georgina Cordon, who again, did really lovely tests, with a special mention for Alice who did her best ever competition test and came 6th with a Touch of Spice.

The most experienced combinations at this level were the Belvoir Hounds team of Evie Lee on Tic Tac 8th, Lillian Morris on Carrobawn Honeybee 9th, Hatty Towns 2nd and Tara Brown on Ginny, who came a fantastic team 5th overall, which places them in the top 10 branch teams and they qualify for the Landrover Regional Finals at Eland Lodge, on September


Novice Dressage Area Qualifier for The Pony Club Championships

Next we had the Belvoir Novice team which competed against 20 teams of all ages across the East Midlands, this test is a clear step up and involves 3 loop serpentine, give and re-take reins in trot.

Lucy Moore on Robin 8th, Lena Proctor on Torthorwald Just Barney 6th, Kitty Henderson on Ashley Fantastia 7th and Emma Joy on Howden Shadow put in a great team performance to place 6th out of the 20 teams, against some older and much more experienced competitors, and this team will be in great shape to challenge for the top 2/3 qualification slots next year.


Intermediate Dressage Area Qualifier for The Pony Club Championships

We had a team of 3 for the Intermediate, who placed 8th where the test is more challenging with canter loops, some medium trot steps and give and re-take reins on a canter circle.

The team was: Rosie Rollinson with Mr Sylvester Valentine, Holly Baker with Twilight Clover 7th, and Alice Kilham with Jigilo Junior who won their section, with 69.48%,


Alice’s win means she qualifies for the Intermediate Individual Dressage at The Pony Championships on Sunday 21st August. Where she will be performing the Intermediate Championship Test in a 60m x 20m arena, and the test involves medium trot, medium canter, counter canter and 10m circles, so a few more moves to perfect.


OPEN Area Dressage Qualifier for The Pony Club Championships

Finally, the Open team of Lucy Scholl, Heidi Coy and Sophie Pedlar delivered some good tests, which include 10m circles, leg yield, medium trot, medium canter and ¼ pirouettes with the additional challenges of a cricket match, vintage tractors, wedding guests and a falconry display all within the vicinity of the arenas !

Lucy Scholl on Berryhouse came 2nd in Section A with 66.94%

Heidi Coy on Forrests Foxy Lady a close 3rd in Section A with 66.13%

Sophie Pedlar on her catch ride of 2 days, Hatty Coney’s Liberty Belle X delivered a patient test in Section B for 8th place. Hatty wasn’t able to ride herself as she had just had her tonsils out, and 3 other horse options for Sophie weren’t quite fit.

The Open team came a fantastic 2nd overall, were the 1st Branch team and they qualify for the Open Team Dressage competition at The Pony Club Championships, Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire on Saturday 20th Aug, where Hatty can re-join the team and Sophie can ride her own horse who is now fit enough.

Again for the Championships the difficulty steps up, it’s a 60m x 20m arena, and the test includes 10m circles, shoulder in, medium trot, medium canter, ¼ pirouettes, canter loops.

Best of luck to Alice and the Open Team at The Pony Club Championships, entry is free if you’d like to go along and cheer them on – all details are on the Pony Club website and a timetable is also on our website.

Good luck as well to the Landrover Regionals team competing in September.

Well done everyone and a big thank you to all the members, families and coaches for their enthusiasm and support, as it was quite a long day.


Belvoir Hunt Branch Dressage Competition – Saturday 28th May – Hose

Please find below a schedule and entry form for our Dressage Competition on lovely flat grass, with flat & hard standing parking for lorries at Hose Village Hall , nr Melton Mowbray, in the Vale of Belvoir on Saturday 28th May with classes for all levels from Walk / Trot  to Open.  This is the second year we’ve run this event, which again will be very friendly and encouraging.

Refreshments are available in the village hall.

Please contact the organiser Sarah Thorpe if you have any questions at all.

Belvoir Dressage Competition 2016

Belvoir Dressage Competition 2016 Form

Results of Belvoir Dressage Competition 2016

Please see below link to the results

Belvoir Dressage 2016 results