Thursday October 18, 2018
Mounted Games

How Mounted Games began

1888888_438123066327995_4045918058908393835_oGymkhanas began in India in the days of the British Raj more than a century ago. Playing Polo was a popular off-duty pastime of officers of British regiments stationed abroad. Informal competitions on horseback could be held in any open space and were used for relaxation.

When the British families returned home Gymkhana games were introduced to liven up garden parties and fetes. Before long they became events in their own right, especially for children who found their small ponies ideally suited to mounted games.

The Prince Philip Cup

In the 1950s the Pony Club started Mounted Games competitions and in 1956 Prince Philip started the prestigious Prince Philip Cup competition which today sees the top teams in the Country competingĀ  in the finals at The Horse of The Year Show.

The Prince Philip Cup Competition provides The Pony Club with a team competition requiring courage, determination and all-round riding ability on the part of the team members, and careful and systematic training of their ponies.

Its object is to encourage a higher standard of riding throughout The Pony Club and to stimulate among the future generation a greater interest in riding as a sport and as a recreation.

The competition was designed for teams of ordinary children on ordinary ponies.


Scheduled External Shows for 2017

Please ensure that Kelly at the Pony Club Office and your DC is informed of any Shows you are wanting Teams to attend, this may affect your entry if not done before hand – Thank you

Living Heritage Shows 2017 Date Organiser
Thame Show 16th 17th April Mrs Jo Morris:
Netley Marsh 30th April 1st May Mrs Jo Morris:
Burghley House 28th 29 May Mrs Carol Howsam:
Sandringham 9th 10th September Mrs Carol Howsam:
Bowood House 23rd 24th September Mrs Carol Howsam: