Wednesday December 12, 2018
Pony Club Tests

All details of the syllabus for each test is on the main Pony Club website. Hopefully this will help you understand the pony club test system and what is expected of you, the ages in brackets are the minimum age for the test.

E Test Pale Yellow (4 yrs) – This test is done at Frampton Camp.

Progressive Bronze tests

The Pony Club Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge

D Test Yellow (8yrs) – This test is done in June/July.

Progressive Silver Tests

For the D+ test you are expected to turn up on a well turned out pony/horse and to be dressed in you pony club sweatshirt.

D+ Test White (10 yrs) – This test is done in June/July.  This test takes about 2hrs.

Progressive Gold tests

The Pony Club Road Rider Achievement Badge

From C test onwards you are expected to be turned out to a high standard your pony/horse plaited and yourself to be turned out in a hacking jacket (don’t forget your badge and felt on your left lapel).  These tests are now getting more difficult and you are expected to do some training yourselves at home.

C Test Green (11yrs) – This test is done in April/May.  This test takes about 3 hrs.

Progressive Platinum Tests

C+ Test Pink (13yrs) – This test has two parts C+ Horse & Pony Care and C+ riding. This test is done in April and August.  These tests last about 3hrs. Contact Ros Jones for further details 01453  899827.

The Pony Club Road Rider Test (no need to plait) – you do need it before you can take your B test. Contact Jean Ward for further details 01454 411788.

All the next tests are organised at an Area level, there are normally three tests through the year, April, August and October.  These tests do take commitment and time.

B Test Red when passed both parts (15yrs) – This test has two parts B H&PC Brown & B riding Beige.  Each part takes 2 – 3 hrs. If you would like to start training for these tests, for further details contact Vicky MacDonald 01453 860923. You must be 14 by the test date to take these tests.

There isn’t time to change tack on the test day, therefore you need to ride on the flat, show jumping and cross country in the same tack.

If attending camps you will do B test training, and we will put some more sessions on before the test date targeted at those taking the test.

You should be in a hacking jacket for the test date, unless you are over 18.

More advanced Pony Club Tests

Coaching Certificate Metal Badge (18yrs) – Full B test required

Lungeing Test Light Blue (16yrs)

B+ Test Pale Purple (16yrs) – Optional test

AH Test Orange, Salmon Pink if pass with honours (16yrs)

A Test Blue, Purple if pass with honours (18yrs)