Monday July 6, 2020
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Cancellation Policy

Rallies :

All rallies are planned carefully around the number of riders wanting to attend – and instructors and venues are booked accordingly.  Because of this, we ask you to book as soon as the details become available.  We will always try and fit everyone in who wants a place.

Once the times for the rally have been published, usually Wednesday / Thursday before the Rally on Friday you must pay for your place even if you do not attend.

Please do not be offended if you receive an email requesting payment.  


Camp :

A camp place is secured only with a non refundable deposit.  A place can only be held for 2 weeks without payment of the required deposit.

Full balance must be paid at least one month before camp.  If you no longer want your place, please let us know as soon as possible and especially before the final balance due date. 

If full money has been paid before the final balance due date (for example you paid in full when booking) refunds will be given for all amounts paid, less non refundable deposit providing your cancellation is notified before the final balance due date.

After this time no refunds will be given unless we have a waiting list and your place can be reallocated.  

In the event of a cancellation after full balance has been paid and your place can be reallocated, money will be deducted from any refund for costs already incurred for example T shirt printing