Monday February 18, 2019
Welcome to Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Pony Club

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The Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Branch of the Pony Club is a well-established branch providing rallies/activities for all levels of riding ability, both mounted and unmounted, throughout the year. During the holidays additional rallies take place for all age groups. We also organise three annual summer camps for our mini, junior and senior members.

Membership for 2019

At the B&SV PC we offer loads of fun, educational and inexpensive rallies and activities in a relaxed atmosphere with friendly and welcoming kids and parents – don’t wait until January, join us today and your child’s first year’s membership will kick off with our exciting Autumn Half Term 2018 programme (see below) and will last until January 31st 2020. We look forward to welcoming you into our fabulous pony club.

2018/19 Membership form: 2019_Branch_Membership_Form_v3

2018/19 Winter Programme: PC Christmas 2018

All rally information for branch members can be found under the Rally Dates and Details Tabs on the website, these are split into age groups.  Most rallies are run by age and ability and several of the rallies organised span over more than one group.

We are continuously updating the website with news, B&SVPC events, external events, rallies and in the near future rally times so please use the tabs on the left hand side to find out more information.  There is also a new Gallery page where you will find pictures of events.



Equine Influenza Update

In the light of the subsequent confirmed case of Equine Flu in Somerset the B&SV pony club branch is issuing a new policy with regards to vaccination of members’ horses and ponies.

This policy, which will be strictly adhered to is because we know that unvaccinated horses present a risk not just to themselves but to all the horses around them. We also know that a vaccinated horse is likely to be less severely affected by equine flu and is likely to get better more quickly than an unvaccinated horse. It is for this reason that we are insisting on the following:

• All horses/ponies participating in B&SV branch rallies/activities must have had their most recent flu booster within the previous 6 months – this is in accordance with current advice from the British Equestrian Federation. Please remember that they will need a couple of quiet days following vaccination. The 6 month booster rule will be reviewed in accordance with BEF guidance once the current situation is over.

• Passports must be brought to every pony club event and they will be checked by the rally organiser prior to horses/ponies being unloaded. No passport or a vaccination record that does not show a booster within the previous 6 months, will mean that your horse/pony will not be allowed to participate.

• For unvaccinated horses or those with a lapsed record, your vet will administer a primary course of three injections, with horses/ponies unable to participate in pony club until the second vaccination has been administered, with a minimum of 21 days between the first two.

• If you are unsure about the compliance of your horse/ponies flu vaccinations, please consult your vet.

We can all further minimize risk:

• At your yard, keep a look out for the signs of flu – coughing, snotty nose, loss of appetite, lethargy, raised temperatures (>38.5°C) – and call your vet if you think any horses are showing signs.

• During a ride or rally, ensure your children are aware of the importance of not letting their horse/pony touch noses or get too close to other horses/ponies.

• Do not share drinking water buckets or hay nets.

• Consider not sharing lifts in horse boxes.

At present, we are not cancelling rallies/test days already arranged, but we are closely monitoring the situation as it develops and we will cancel should it be decided that this is in our members’ best interests.

However, in the light of potential cancellation, no further mounted rallies/accompanied hunting days are being planned for half term. Instead there is an Unmounted Horse & Pony Care Quiz for all age groups on Wednesday 20th February and an Unmounted Test Assessment Afternoon being planned for Friday 22nd February – see rally page for details.

Please remember that this is a developing situation and we will update the website and Facebook with further developments.
Lucy Procter
District Commissioner
Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Pony Club


Exciting times are ahead for the B&SV Pony Club with a change at the top and a new, enthusiastic and forward thinking team of parents forming your branch committee. Our remit over the coming months is to reinvigorate and revamp our pony club branch to make sure that we are offering a variety of exciting rallies and activities for ALL our members that they wish to and are able to attend.

Following the resignation of Nick Case in June, the committee was ably headed by our president Lorna King and we thank her for her support in this regard. New appointments since then include Lucy Procter taking on the role of District Commissioner and Veryan Gould becoming Assistant District Commissioner and both Lucy and Veryan look forward to meeting you all and getting to know parents and members at camp and summer rallies.

By July 20th, the new exciting and full Summer and Autumn Programme will be emailed out to members and finalised on the website and we look forward to seeing you all out and about on your four legged friends over the coming months.

Lucy Procter

Acting DC