Sunday May 29, 2022
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Area Team Organisers, Area Competition Regulations and Eligibility

Team Organisers

Open Area Teams
Intermediate Area Teams
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Heights for Area Classes

Area Eventing

National Novice, PC Level 3 (BE Intro), SJ 0.95m, XC 0.90m

Intermediate, PC Level 4 (BE pre-novice), SJ 1.05m, XC 1.00m

Open, PC Level 5 (BE Novice) SJ 1.15m, XC 1.10m

Area Show Jumping

National Novice, 1st round 90cm, 2nd round 1m

Intermediate, 1st round 1m, 2nd round 1.05m

Open, 1st round 1.10m, 2nd round 1.15m

Junior (non qualifier, 12 & under  & ponies 14.2hh and under), 1st round 80cm, 2nd round 85cm

Eligibility for Area Competitions

All horses/ponies must have participated at a minimum of 3 working rallies since 1st July the previous year, one of which must be in the current year with a member of the Pony Club. All riders must have participated at a minimum of 3 working rallies of this or their previous branch since 1 July in the previous year (excluding team practices) and have been a member of the Pony Club since at least 31st January in the current year. Attendance at camp counts as one working rally. The 3 rallies are not allowed to be specific team training rallies and there has to be at least 21 days between the 1st and 3rd rally for them to count.

Dress Code for Area Competitions

Those children who will be competing on behalf of the B&SV PC are to adhere to this request. The Dress Code will be sent out prior to an event and please ensure that you have the correct clothing as stipulated.  We are not asking you to go any buy expensive clothing but are stating that you must wear the correct clothing and this also continues onto your pony/horse in respect of tack and equipment.

Dress Code for Area Dressage which must be adhered too

Open, Intermediate & Novice – please wear cream/beige jodphurs and TWEED jackets. I am trying to get logo’d stocks but unable to get done for this so please wear appropriate shirt and dark coloured stocks. You know who is in your team try and if possible for this wear the same colour. Leg wear is according to what you normally wear but please make sure that all of this is clean, polished and tidy.

Junior – the only change for you is that you must wear a shirt and PC tie not stocks at the other levels.

Horse / Pony

We expect clean and well groomed animals with cleaned plain tack so no coloured browbands and definitely no bling on anything. If you are intending to wear spurs then please make sure that you have your membership card signed by the DC.   You will be provided with a white numnah for dressage as it is only a 5 minute test they must be worn.