Tuesday May 30, 2023
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Wanted/For Sale


We are searching for a confidence giving loan pony for a 12 year old BV pony club girl.

We have a lovely but slightly fizzy pony that is too much for her at the moment, so we need a confidence giving pony for a few years. Pony needs to be about 14. 3 hh, good all rounder  that knows its job. Kind and not too strong. We have a loving home with company, pony would live at home, stables with grazing. It needs to be suitable for pony club rally’s, low grade competing, ODE, show jumping, hacking and a bit of dressage. If you can help please get in touch.

Thank you, Jess Twiston Davies 07970742976

Hay available

2021 organic meadow hay for sale in small bales

£5 per bale delivered and stacked anywhere within the BV country.

If interested, call Julian Mant on 07960 126682


Small bale hay available

Cut June 2021, different grades.

Mix Grass Meadow Hay £4.50/bale top quality ranging to £3/bale for lower grade (more suitable for good doers).

Email Nick Nicholas.fuller62@yahoo.com