Saturday June 3, 2023
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Rally Information

What is a Pony Club Rally?
During school holidays and term time a range of rallies are organised for members of all ages. These can include, general working rallies, show jumping, dressage, Christmas tinsel rallies, achievement badge rallies, efficiency test training and cross country rallies. We also organize fun rides which include the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Halloween Ride, giving our members the opportunity to gain confidence riding their ponies outside an arena and assisted by parent helpers. Some activities are organised as one off rallies or events, whilst some are organised as a series of weekly or fortnightly rallies.
Throughout the year mounted and unmounted training rallies are run for members working towards the Pony Club Efficiency Tests and some of the theory training can be conducted online.
Please feel free to contact any member of the branch committee with suggestions for future rallies or activities, or if you would be willing to organise a rally for members.

Rally Booking

Please appreciate that we have to plan rallies very carefully in advance to work and ensure members are in the correct group age and ability wise so please book in and pay by BACS as early as you can. If we have low numbers for any particular rally, the organiser may have to combine rides in order to be able to go ahead with a particular rally or consider cancelling. Please keep a close eye on the website incase of changes/rallies added.

  • Seniors: 12 years and over
  • Juniors: 8 years to 11 years
  • Minis: 7 years and under

Riders will be placed into rides according to ability, so the ages given are a guide only.

BACS payment for B&SV Pony Club

Account – 00150186

Sort Code – 30-93-45

Reference – Date of rally/Venue

Rally Dress

When attending rallies, mounted or dismounted, please ensure that your child is correctly dressed as far as is possible. Our pony club ‘uniform’ helps our members to feel part of our club, and a neat and well turned-out child shows respect for the coach and the rally organizer. However, clothing does not have to be new, just safe – second hand clothing is available. if you have any concerns about what to wear, please contact the DC, Veryan Gould to discuss.
Correct clothing for rallies:

  • Navy blue polo shirt/camp t-shirt/rugby shirt and/or sweatshirt and/or competition skin with B&SV PC logo
  • Beige/cream/navy/dark brown jodhpurs
  • Black or brown, long riding boots or jodhpur boots/chaps (no tassels)
  • Riding hat with hat tag
  • Navy, black or dark brown hat cover
  • Navy waterproof coat

Unmounted efficiency test or badge rallies – dress code is the same as a mounted rally and although members are not riding, they must bring a hat with them incase they are handling a pony on the ground and they are requested to wear a hat for their safety.
Please remember that cross country rallies no longer require a medical armband and long sleeves are now optional. However, a back protector to the correct standard and a riding hat without a fixed peak, remain mandatory for cross country jumping – if a child does not have a back protector to wear or has a hat with a fixed peak, they will not be permitted to take part.
Anyone whose hat needs a new pink pony club hat tag should contact Nikki Forbes, Charlotte Plowman or Katie Butler who hold a supply of hat tags and have the authorization to check hats are up to the correct standard and tag compliant hats.
Further details on correct dress code can be found online and you are advised to read this carefully, especially with regard to pony club competitions.

Rallies for Members Interested in Representing the Branch at Area Competitions

We actively encourage all members to consider representing our branch at Area Competitions in Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing. These Area competitions usually take place in June and July, and those members who qualify go on to take part in the Championships in August.
If your child would like to be considered for team selection please familiarise yourself with the Area and Championship competition dates on our website. Please note that, if your child takes part in an Area competition, they will expected to go on to compete at the Championships, especially if they qualify as part of a team, so please be aware of the Championship dates and any potential clashes with family holidays should your child be fortunate enough to qualify.
For team consideration, please attend rallies as regularly as possible and keep in regular touch with the Area Team Organisers and the DC, keeping them up to date with your competition results and any training you are undertaking elsewhere. Specific team training rallies may be organised in May and June to help prepare members for the Area competitions.

Senior member Anna at the PC Championships 2022 14th Place in the 90 class