Wednesday September 27, 2023
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Welcome to the Bramham Moor Hunt Branch Pony Club website.

If this is your first time to the website we hope you enjoy looking at everything we have to offer.

Being a Member

We are an active and friendly pony club branch set in the area between Harrogate, Wetherby, Bramham.  Our members range in age from aged 4 right through to our senior members up to 22 years old.

The Bramham Moor Hunt Branch was created in around 1940 and currently has around ninety five members ranging in age from 4 to 22 years old.  We are an active and friendly Pony Club Branch.  Throughout the year we run a series of rallies (group lessons), competitions and other activities to suit all levels and interests.   Rallies, ie lessons, cover all aspects of pony care and riding.  We work hard to find the very best instructors and by keeping our costs to the minimum our members can access first-class tuition at very reasonable prices.  Rallies are also very social events where like-minded youngsters forge lasting friendships.

At the start of the summer holidays we hold a week long summer camp for members and their ponies where as many members as possible take part in fun and learning.

Inter-branch competitions for all ages and abilities provide superb opportunities for Pony Club members to indulge their passions for dressage, tetrathlon, mounted games, show jumping and the excitement of riding cross country.  We put considerable effort into producing well built, varied and exciting cross country and show jumping courses and beautiful dressage arenas.

The first line of communication with members is via email and this website.

Members provide an email address for whichever parent/aunt/grandparent is primarily responsible for involvement with the pony club. More email addresses can be added if, say, both parents want to be up to date with pony club news, or if members would like to receive emails direct, in addition to their parents.  We also have a Facebook page for keeping our members up to date with what’s happening.

There lots to be excited about becoming a new member of the pony club, lots to learn, new friends to make…. There is also a lot to take in about what to wear, how the rallies and competitions work, etc.  Please ask any questions, big or small – everyone was a new member once!

The central Pony Club website is also a mine of information.