Monday February 26, 2024
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Tetrathlons & Triathlons

Tetrathlon training -swim dates – Harrogate Hydro – 6pm – 7pm

Please contact Mel Gaskell for further information – 07976 772056

Current Block – Every Thursday 11th January to 8th February 6pm – 7pm. Run training prior to this when weather allows! 


Shooting dates – (@Emma Harrison’s)

19th January 

2nd February 


Taking Part

If you are interested in taking part in Tetrathlon, please contact MEL GASKELL on 07976 772056, we have a PC what’s App group for Tetrathlon where all the training / competitions are posted.   


What is a Tetrathlon?

Tetrathlon is made up of four disciplines; pistol shooting (or bean bag throwing for the Beanies), swimming, riding and running. It’s a great event for those who enjoy a range of sports, develops different skills and is a brilliant social and team atmosphere.

We can enter members to competitions as individuals or in teams. Either way, there is full support from everyone at the competitions in true PC style. 

Tetrathlons are mostly over the summer months and held over two days, so to keep us going over winter we also have one day triathlons (without the riding – often attractive to non-riding siblings too). There are some competitions where you can just run and shoot (Biathlons). There are several competitions held throughout the course of the year before the Area Qualifier, so plenty of opportunities to get ready.


We host regular shoot practice with guns provided and a beanie target and beanbags, and everybody is welcome to join. We are hoping to put on some swim sessions too.  Please do get in touch if you would like to give it a go!!



The competition categories are as follows (Age at 1st January):

Only competitors aged 8 and over are allowed to shoot in competitions, under 8’s throw bean bags at a target or into a hoop.
Beanies 8 and under

Tadpoles 10 and under

Minimus 12 and under

Junior 15 and under

Intermediate and Open 25 and under

Competition Phases
For the running phase, each age group has a set distance to run, the swimming phase is how far a competitor can swim in a set time and the shooting phase a maximum of 1000 points can be shot.

Beanies run 500m, swim for 2 minutes, throw beanbags and jump height is 40cm

Tadpoles run 1000m, swim for 2 minutes, shoot 2 handed from 7m at static targets, jump height 60cm

Minimus run 1000m, swim for 2 minutes, shoot 2 handed from 7 metres at turning targets, jump 80cm

Junior run 1500m, swim for 3 minutes, shoot 1 handed from 7 metres at turning targets, jump 90cm

Intermediate run 2000m (boys) 1500m (girls) swim for 3 minutes, shoot 1 handed from 10m at turning targets, jump 1m

Open run 3000m (boys) 1500m (girls) swim for 3 minutes, shoot 1 handed from 10m at turning targets, jump 1m

Riding Phase

The riding phase is usually a technical cross country course including a gate which must be opened, ridden through and then closed whilst mounted within 1 minute and a slip rail, where the rider dismounts, places the slip rail on the ground leads the pony over it, puts the slip rail back up and re mounts within 1 minute. Tadpoles and  minimus classes often include a ‘stop box’ instead where the pony and rider must stand still for a set amount of time.


The PC Tetrathlon rulebook contains further information and guidelines and can be found on the main pc website. 





A maximum score of 1000 is available in the shooting. Each competitor gets 10 shots (2 lots of 5 onto 2 targets). Your score is whatever you shoot ie. 100 points for a 10, 80 points for an 8 etc.


Each age group has a target distance to swim within their 2 or 3 minutes to score 1000 points. For example, a minimus competitors target is 125m in 2 minutes. For every metre under or over the target 3 points are subtracted or added to the 1000. For example if a competitor swam 100m then their final score would be 925 points (25×3=75, 1000-75=925)


Each age group has a target time in which to run the required distance. For example minimus competitors is 1000m in 4 minutes for which they would receive 1000 points. For every second over or under the time 3 points per second will be added or subtracted. For example if a competitor ran the distance in 3.57minutes then their score would be 1009 points (3×3=9, 1000+9=1009)


A maximum of 1400 points is given for a clear round.  Penalties are given for refusals etc. For example 1st refusal is 60 penalties; therefore one refusal on the course would be a final score of 1340.

A competitor’s final score for the competition is their score for each discipline added together.