Tuesday August 16, 2022
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Rallies and events are already within Unity for you to book onto  here

Please note, all parents are expected to book onto rallies 7 days before the rally.  Failure to do so will result in your child missing out.  Parents should not approach the rally organisers requesting a place.  7 days are required to arrange instructors and groups. Please be mindful that rally organisers are volunteers.

Brocklesby Hunt Pony Club rallies and other events of interest.


Saturday 2nd            Little Limber 1030 hours.    

Saturday 9th        Easter Egg Ride – Little Limber Grange  

Tuesday 5th         Show Jump Rally at 1000 hours at Willow Banks   

Saturday 16th      Team show Jumping at Willow Banks, near Market Rasen  

Saturday 23rd     Little Limber rally 1030 hours  

Thursday 28th     Dressage Training and people working towards C+ (either Janet’s or Caroline h/a                               



Saturday 7th        Cross Country Training @Hoods Lincoln

Tuesday 10th       Caroline’s/ Janet’s – Dressage Training and C+ flat training

Saturday 14th     Little Limber rally 1030 hours

Friday 27th           5pm onwards.  Show Cross Rally at Willow Banks




Tuesday 14th       Dressage Training at Janet’s or Caroline’s 1800 hours onwards. 

Saturday 18th     Little Limber rally 1030 hours  

Tuesday 21st       C+ care training no horses required –

Tuesday 28th       Winters Cross Country Training 5pm onwards

Friday 24th           Show Jumping Training @ Willow Banks     5pm onwards

Thursday 30th     C+ care training no horses required – Caroline (£10) 1.5 hours



Sunday 3rd           Beach Ride – venue to be decided

Tuesday 5th         C+ care training no horses required.  Caroline’s (£10) 1.5 hours

Saturday 9th        Little Limber rally 1030 hours

Tuesday 12th       C+ care training no horses required Caroline’s h/a (£10 ) 1.5 hours

Saturday 16th     C+ test at Caroline’s h/a

Sunday 24th to Tuesday 26th July     Junior Pony Camp @ Little Limber

Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th July – Senior Pony Camp @ Little Limber

                                Including E and D tests



Tuesday 9th         Fun Ride @ Well Vale (Kitty Hamilton’s)

Sunday 14th         East Halton Show and Gymkhana

Sunday 21st         Little Limber Gymkhana Parents help required.

Tuesday 30th       Show Jump Training @ Willow Banks 5pm onwards



Saturday 10th     End of Summer BBQ @ Brandicar (Day of fun/show jumping/ treasure hunt/ hedge hopping) – Charlotte and Janet to arrange


THANK YOU To Nisa Todays Retail, making a difference locally and Blakemore for the generous donations to our Pony Club