Saturday February 27, 2021
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We have strict dress code and clothing requirements that we do adhere to. This is mainly done to ensure the safety of riders. 

All clothing is managed by Caroline Peach –  please contact her at

We are currently transitioning to have all clothing available to order on line. There are already some product lines available via gg-gear.

What to wear for Rallies and Training


  • Cream, beige, black or navy breeches
  • Pony Club Sweatshirt, Polo Shirt, XC skin (for XC)  -Absolutely no hoodies!
  • Coats should be dark coloured ( we do have a very lovely Burghley PC coat available to purchase) 
  • Riding gloves (dark coloured)
  • Black or brown jodhpur or long boots, if half chaps are worn they need to match the colour of the boot with no tassels or fringes
  • Hats must be tagged with a turquiose hat tag (this is to show the hat is of the current standard.) We have a number of committee members who can tag your hat (remember to arrange before the rally). 
  • Long hairs needs to tied back and in a hairnet when ridden
  • No jewellery or ear rings for the risk of getting caught
  • A body protector is optional for dressage and show jumping, but compulsory for XC (where there are fixed fences).