Tuesday September 26, 2023
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Burghley Pony Club made a storming return to polocrosse in 2020, after last participating in the sport over 10 years ago. 
Polocrosse is a combination of polo and lacrosse. It is a team sport played on horseback and players use racquets to pick up, carry, throw, catch and bounce a soft ball. Two sections of three players play against each other with the aim to score the most goals.
The three players in each section play the positions of No. 1 “attack”, No. 2 “midfield”, or No. 3 “defence”, each one of these players is allowed in particular areas of the pitch (which is divided into three distinct areas) and so to score goals the players have to work together. It’s a true team effort!
Players are divided into three groups
Minis – Players 12 years and under (not attained their 13th birthday by 1st Jan in the current year). Ponies 138cm and under
Juniors – Players 15 years and under (not attained their 16th birthday by 1st Jan in the current year). Ponies/horses any height
Seniors – Players any age. Horses 138cm and over
The full rulebook for Pony Club Polocrosse can be found here https://pcuk.org/media/m3xdaciq/polocrosse-finalpdf.pdf


We also hold training sessions for Area 6 members so if you are interested in coming along, or would like a taster session for your branch, please contact Jo Gale at joannajayes@hotmail.com