Wednesday March 22, 2023
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Tack and Turnout

Tack and Turnout 

At rallies an instructor or the rally organiser will have a look at you and your pony and give you a mark for your ‘tack and turnout’. This is nothing to be worried about and we don’t expect ponies and children to be turned out to a show standard. All we are asking for is that the pony and rider look presentable, the pony’s welfare is not compromised and all the equipment is in safe working order. If anything isn’t quite right, it’s nothing to worry about –  the instructor or organiser will have a quick friendly chat and explain, so that you can get better marks next time! The Tack and Turnout trophies are much coveted items at the annual awards night! To help you get things right, the list below sets out the things that we will be looking for. Also remember that all PC clothing is available via the gg-gear website  


  • Neutral jodhpurs or breeches (Cream, beige, navy, black, brown) 
  • Black or brown jodhpur or long boots, if half chaps are worn they need to match the colour of the boot with no tassels or fringes
  • Long hair needs to tied back and in a hairnet when ridden (regardless of gender)
  • No jewellery or ear rings for the risk of getting caught
  • Pony club sweatshirt, polo shirt or base layer; ( navy alternatives are acceptable) 
  • Dark coloured coats (ideally navy)
  • Riding gloves (dark coloured)
  • Body protector is optional for dressage and show jumping, but compulsory for XC (where there are fixed fences). 
  • Hats must be tagged with a pink hat tag (this is to show the hat is of the current standard) We have a number of committee members who can tag your hat (remember to arrange before the rally). 

Horse/ pony

  • Overall cleanliness (but of course we make allowance for fluffy field kept ponies –  stains are fine, but heavy caked on mud is not)
  • Main and tail brushed and tidy
  • Hooves clean and free from mud
  • Eyes, nose, lips wiped and clean
  • Bum area clean (no need for close inspection!!)


  • Tack is not expected to be new, but it is safer and more comfortable for you and your pony if it is kept clean and supple. We will look at the cleanliness of the following items:
    • Bridle and Breastplate
    • Bit
    • Saddle
    • Girth 
    • Stirrups
    • Numnah
  • Numnahs need to be a conservative colour (navy, black, brown, white)
  • Stirrups need to be large enough for the foot to slip out (be able to put a finger at either side)
  • All straps should be properly secured in their keepers.
  • There are a few specific tack items that are not permitted at pony club (e.g. humane girths), these will be discussed on an individual basis. 


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