Thursday October 6, 2022
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Welcome to 2022 – An update for members

Welcome to 2022 from Laura Leicester, our DC. 

So a new year , a new DC and some new committee members.

Burghley is a fantastic pony club and I am really looking forward to being your DC.  Those of you I don’t yet know, I hope to meet soon.  We have a lot of exciting things planned and and we will get all the dates out to everyone as soon as

new members Julie Key, Sara Traylen, Milla Lanni & Charlotte Hollis. Of course, not forgetting your remaining committee member – Georgina Wilson, Zoe Eggar, Sarah Hind, Hannah Hoyles, Victoria Bignell and Katie Harwood.  If there is something you would particularly like to do with pony club please let one of the committee members know.

A few changes

Vaccination rule

This has changed slightly and all the information is in the latest pony club update which you should have received by email. It is still yearly boosters but please remember that for areas & championships  6 monthly boosters are required. Checks were carried out at championship’s & people were sent home so please don’t get caught out. 6 monthly boosters are also needed for the Spring Festival at Arena UK in April. 

Championship & Regional Championship Entries

We have become a bit of a victim of our own success at championships with more & more members going each year. We have previously met the cost of entries for these competitions but with the cost rising significantly, we will now meet 50% of the entry cost with the competitor being responsible for the remaining 50%.

Team Dressage, Show jumping & Eventing – Burghley and Areas

Please keep a log of all your competitions and results ( affiliated & unaffiliated) to submit with expressions of interest for these teams.  It will help us sort the teams more easily & clearly, and ensure that no-one’s results get missed. 

Forms are available on the disciplines page on the website and will be on FB as well Competition Records

Please also note that in order to be eligible to compete for the club at Areas, you and your horse or pony must have genuinely participated at a minimum of 3 qualifying rallies/coaching/ training sessions since 1st July 2021. For this purpose each day at camp does count as a separate rally/coaching/training session. 

Hickstead 1.10 class – Friday 1st July

Previously you had to qualify  – usually at the Belvoir SJ competition. Sadly last year it was very poorly attended.  The date has now changed and come forward (but is now not within the school holidays) and there is now no limit on teams permitted from each area.  Members  wanting to go to this should be capable of jumping 110-115cm.



We will have 3 camps again this year but there are slight age changes.  Please remember you must have helped at one of our events for your child to be eligible for a place. Dates for eligibility below are based on age as at 1st January 2022. 

Mini camp –  for those aged 7 and under ( parent/guardian to stay)

Monday 25 July – Wednesday 27 July


Day camp – for those aged 8 and over

Monday 01 August – Thursday 4 August


Resi Camp – for those aged 11 and over

Sunday 24 July – Friday 29 July


And Finally

Tack and Turnout – it’s back

We have been a little light on some of the tack & turnout recently but it’s now time to polish those boots, find those gloves ( & lose those pom poms).

Tack and turnout will be back at all rallies and training.  Please take a look at the guidance if you are unsure.  We don’t expect anyone to be in new tack or equipment – just clean smart and safe.