Thursday May 23, 2019

Rally organiser:

Mrs Helen Stanton Tel: 07503 299980 or email

Rally Returns

  • All Rallies are now booked and paid for using our online booking system on the Forthcoming Events page.
  • If you cannot attend, please let the organiser know even if its on the day of the rally.
  • Getting your returns in early allows better organisation of instructors and groups. It is for your benefit.


Our next rally is the ‘Half Term Fun Rally’ and is now available to book online.

This is a mixed activities rally including jumping, handy pony and musical ride. The rally is suitable for all ages and abilities and should be lots of fun!

1-3pm at Riseholme, 19/02/19. £12.50 per place.

Please email me for more details or phone/text 07503299980


Please help our rally organisers – they don’t want to have to turn members away at rallies,   but some of you are making their job very difficult . Most rallies are open to members of any age; in the case of cross-country rallies you should be prepared to jump fences of the heights specified. To make sure of a place at a rally, complete the appropriate return slip and send it with the fee to the Rally Secretary by the closing date. Late entries may be accepted only if there is space in the appropriate group, otherwise a waiting list system operates. Please let us know if you cannot take up a place you have booked; someone else might be waiting to go to that rally. Look out for the Pony Club signs to help you find the venue. If you are coming to a rally with separate sessions in the morning or afternoon, how about bringing a picnic lunch? You and your horse/pony should arrive neat, clean and turned out appropriately. (See Branch Turnout Guide; ask the Branch Secretary for another copy if you’ve lost yours.) You will be marked for attendance. At Prize giving a cup will be awarded to the member with the most points. Finally, will parents please help to put away equipment afterwards?

Dismounted Rallies

Dismounted rallies are run throughout the year and cover a wide range of topics. The Pony Club runs Achievement and Mini Achievement Badge schemes which offer members the opportunity to learn about everything from pony care to wildlife and then be awarded a badge. Rallies are always fun and a good chance to meet up with your Pony Club friends. Most dismounted rallies are suitable for all ages from the very young to the older members and they help prepare you for the main Pony Club tests too.

Check out the main Pony Club website at www.pcuk/org/index.php/tests_and_achievements for details of all the badges available.

Please ensure that you are fully aware of turnout requirements, by reviewing the TURNOUT GUIDE 2018