Sunday May 16, 2021
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General Rally Information


We run mounted and unmounted rallies for all ages.  Unmounted rallies are usually free but we do have to charge a fee for the mounted rallies to cover costs of instructors and hire of venues. You should book in for rallies at least one week in advance. Please use the online booking system in the top left hand corner of the home page. If there are any volunteers who would like to run rallies, please contact someone on the Committee – we appreciate all offers to help!


All rallies are on the online booking system.  When you find a rally you would like to attend, click on the name and further details will appear.  


All horses and ponies must have genuinely participated in a minimum of 3 working rallies since 1st July in the previous year, one of which must have been in the current year, with a Member of The Pony Club.  There must be a minimum of 21 days between the first and last qualifying rallies.

All riders entered must be active members of the stated Branch of The Pony Club who have participated at a minimum of three working rallies of this or their previous Branch since 1st July of the previous year, excluding team practices and coaching, and there must be a minimum of 21 days between the first and the last qualifying rallies.  Attendance at camp counts as one working rally.  The District Commissioner has discretion in the case of those who are working.  Riders must have been Members of The Pony Club since at least the 31st January in the current year except for new Members who may join up until the 31st March and still be eligible for Area Competitions and the Championships.


The Pony Club rule book has all this information but we have set out a simple version below as we are keen to maintain these standards.

Hat: tagged by DC or Secretary to show it conforms to Pony Club standards (see below)

Hat Cover: Black, Brown or Navy Blue.

Hats for cross-country riding (including Eventing, Tetrathlon, Horse Trials, tests and training) over fences 0.80m high and above: a jockey skull cap, with no fixed peak, must be worn. It is also strongly recommended that a jockey skull cap is worn for cross country riding even over lower fences.

The current hat standards accepted by the Pony Club are detailed in the table below:

The Pony Club Handbook 2021

Hat Standard

Safety Mark

Allowed at the following activities:

PAS 015:1998 or 2011* with BSI Kitemark


All activities

VG1 with BSI Kitemark


All activities

Snell E2001* onwards with the official Snell label and number


All activities

ASTM-F1163 2004a onwards with the SEI mark


All activities

AS/NZS 3838 2006 onwards


All activities


Hair net for girls (and long haired boys!).

No Jewellery or Earrings.

White shirt and Pony Club tie or blue polo shirt.

Pony Club badge with badge felt behind.

Tweed jacket or Pony Club sweatshirt.

In wet weather: plain blue waterproof coats or Pony Club waterproof.

Jodhpurs: white, beige, navy, black, brown.

Jodhpur boots with clips or chaps/Riding boots. (No tassels on chaps please)


Cross country: long-sleeved shirt to go under body protectors.

Body protectors are now compulsory for all cross country – training or competition and must bear the BETA 2009 purple t

If worn for any Pony Club activity a Body Protector must meet BETA 2009 Level 3 standard (purple label) or BETA 2018 Level 3 standard (blue and black label).


White shirt and Pony Club tie or blue polo shirt.

Pony Club sweatshirt

In wet weather plain blue waterproof coats or Pony Club waterproof.

Trousers (jeans or plain coloured).

Appropriate footwear – you may well be in a stable with a pony/horse so no open-toed sandals/flip flops. Wellington Boots if raining.


Tack should be in good repair – please pay particular attention to reins and stirrup leathers.

Numnahs should be plain (white, navy blue, brown, black and no logos).