Sunday May 16, 2021
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Camps 2021

Pony club camp is one of the highlights of the year!  It’s an opportunity to improve your riding, improve your stable management skills, spend time with friends, do team building activities, and most of all, have fun!  

The age groups stated for the different sections is broadly how we work, but occasionally there is room for manoeuvre in exceptional circumstances.  If you have any questions on this, please get in touch with Cantie Soote.

All ponies will need to have an up to date vaccination record and these will be checked.  Because a lot of the venues we use specify that ponies must have 6 monthly flu vaccinations, we are going to ask that this is carried through to camp please.  Ponies must have had their latest vaccination at least 5 days preceding the first day of camp.




(Open to members Year 3 and below, beginners also welcome)

Location: Princes Place by kind permission of Mrs & Mrs W Bryer

Organiser:  Lizzie Bryer/Laura Pattinson/Victoria White
Dates: 28th to 31st July 2021


(Open to members in Years 4 -6)


Organiser: Cantie Soote
Dates: 2nd to 7th August 2021


(Open to members in Year 7 and above)
Location: TBC
Organisers: Sarah Olifent