Sunday May 16, 2021
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Show Jumping

What is Show Jumping?

Show Jumping is where a horse and rider combination are tested over a course of colourful obstacles, known as fences, which can be easily knocked down if they are hit. The goal is to complete the course in the fastest time without getting any faults.

Faults are gained when a fence is knocked down, the horse stops at a fence (refuse) or the horse runs around a fence (run out).

Show Jumping can take place both indoors and outdoors, so is perfect to enjoy all year round.

Intended to demonstrate the horse and rider’s courage, athletic ability, precision, speed and partnership, your aim is to jump a clear round. If you manage to jump clear, you will go through to the second stage which is called a “jump-off”. A jump-off is a shortened course which is timed. The winner is the horse and rider with the least faults and the fastest time in the jump-off.

There are various levels you can jump at and you can go on to compete as an individual or as part of a team.


How Do I Get Involved?

Many Pony Club rallies usually include jumping, so this is a good place to see if you and your pony like it. Your Branch or Centre might hold a variety of competitions throughout the year which will include Show Jumping. When you feel confident enough, you can try your first Show Jumping Competition which are held all over the country at all different levels to suit you and your pony.


How Do I Progress Further?

If you want to take your buzz for Show Jumping one step further, there is an array of competitions that you can compete in. These include:

  • Area Competitions
  • National Championships
  • Regional Championships
  • The Pony Club Spring Festival
  • Royal Windor Show Jumping
  • The Pony Club Mini Major International Show Jumping Class (Olympia London International Horse Show)
Show Jumping Rulebook
PDF – 599 kB
Sport Rule Changes For 2021
PDF – 221 kB
Additional Eligibility Rule for 2021 Championships
PDF – 88 kB
Guide To Qualifying For The Show Jumping Championships 2021
PDF – 86 kB

Reports and Results

Cattistock Pony Club Team and Individual Show Jumping Competition – Monday 26th October 2020

Click here for SJ Results