Sunday May 16, 2021
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Area Tetrathlon/Triathlon – Manager – Sarah Olifent

The Pony Club Tetrathlon provides Members with a challenging competition – requiring sound practical horsemanship and general athletic ability. Tetrathlon originated as a competition for boys, however there are now separate competitions for girls under identical rules, unless otherwise stated.  Find out more about Tetrathlon

CHPC aims to run shooting rallies at Pond Farm monthly and tet rallies during the holidays as well as our own Triathlon (held during the winter, run, swim, shoot) and Tetrathlon (held during the summer, run, ride, shoot & swim).  Please keep an eye on the calendar for all rallies and on the competitions page for all forthcoming tris/tets and their schedules.

CHPC members – Please email me with any entries (these MUST come as a club entry not individually) and contact me for any info Mobile 07811706581.  Send entries & cheques made out to the relevant pony club, to Sarah Olifent.  Come and join in the fun, all welcome!

Please look at the new 2018 tet rule book as there are many new rules with ref to both tet and tri and to all disciplines and ages


What constitutes a good score in a triathlon?

This is very hard to generalise but, in the more competitive classes, the following is a very rough guide:

2,000 points – good, steady performance; an important barrier to break through

2,250 points – good performance

2,500 points – very good performance, likely to be amongst the rosettes

2,750 points – excellent performance, challenging for a top 3 individual placing

3,000 points – outstanding result, likely to win, or be very close to winning the competition

In biathlons, anything approaching 1,500 points represents a really strong performance. Anything over than 1,500 is likely to result in a place.

Finally, how does this translate into tetrathlon scores?

With 1,400 points available for the riding phases, anything over 4,000 points represents an excellent performance, with the very best tetrathletes being capable of scoring close to 4,500 points.


Tetrathlon 2021 Dates



Triathlon 2021 Dates