Tuesday June 6, 2023
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Pony Club dressage tests vary from a simple Walk Trot test to Open which is roughly equivalent to BD Elementary. There are lots of opportunities to compete at all levels throughout the year and if you are unsure which level you should be doing please contact Heidi or Henri and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

For full details about Pony Club dressage, please see  https://pcuk.org/sports/dressage/

Training is available at all levels and in order to be considered for a team we must have seen you in training so that we know at what level you should be competing. If you are interested in competing in dressage, please contact the relevant Committee member for the level at which you wish to compete.

Team organisers and their contact details are found on the website under’ Contacts’

For Area qualifiers the standard is very high so only the best and most experienced combinations will be selected to represent the branch at these competitions, please see our team selection policy.

All the tests can be downloaded or printed from here:


The full Dressage Rule book can be downloaded here:

Dressage Rule Book